God of War in the Currency Circle: Will the rebound continue after Dabing feints?

Foreword: Investment is risky, and operations need to be cautious.

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This article was written: 22:58, March 15th, Beijing time

market information

1. The British Ministry of Finance: From next year, taxpayers will need to declare crypto assets separately;

2. BlackRock CEO: There is a possibility that the banking crisis will worsen further, and the inflation rate may remain around 4% in the next few years;

3. Golden Ten: Fed interest rate swap pricing The Fed will cut interest rates by 100 basis points before December;

4. Morgan Stanley: Bitcoin is not traded as a currency, but as a speculative asset;

5. Chairman of the US Senate Banking Committee: The Fed is not expected to raise interest rates in March;

Market review

Yesterday the market was affected by the news and went out of a rebound and breakthrough. Because of the market breakthrough, we also chased more than one in the evening, but this long order was undoubtedly slapped in the face and left the market. The next very long upper shadow line, after the loss of long orders, we also need to re-observe the market to see whether this wave of rebound is an effective breakthrough, or it is really a fake shot, if it is affected by the CPI data last night If there is a pull-up breakthrough due to the influence of the market, it will still start to fall later. Let’s briefly analyze and share the market again below;

Market analysis


Looking at the daily chart, the big pie closed below the high point last night. After the strong breakthrough last night, it did not give a continuation of the rise, nor did it close above the high point. The influence of the news last night was also a rising factor , This wave of upward breakthrough is accompanied by a certain amount of heavy volume. This wave of rebound has the possibility of pulling up shipments. The power of the market began to become stronger, the bulls pulled up and shipped, and the shorts may go down after a little effort. This closing line may show that the market outlook has little chance of continuing to rebound. Breaking the position is just a feint. The market will continue to fall, the meaning of evening trading, turn around in time, the layout of the pancake is empty around 24850, the loss is 25150, and the target range is 22200-21000; short-term trading, control risks, take care of profits and losses;


On the daily chart, the trend of ether is basically similar to that of the pancake. This wave of rebound is also accompanied by a certain amount of heavy volume. The daily line is affected by the news and breaks out. After the breakthrough, the rise did not continue, and it also closed below the previous high point. And left a long upper shadow line, ether fell more than the big pie in the day, the lowest fell to 1630 position, the power of bulls in this wave of rebound weakened, and the strength of shorts strengthened, ether will have a greater chance of continuing to fall in the market outlook, In the evening trading, ether can go short around 1680, with a loss of 1710, and the target range is 1525-1455; for short-term trading, control risks and take care of your own profits and losses;

In summary:

The rebound and breakthrough of Dabing Ether last night was just a feint, and the short sellers are about to exert their strength;

The article is time-sensitive, pay attention to risks, the above are only personal suggestions, for reference only!

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