God K’s Letter: Monthly line resistance, super long upper shadow needs to be digested

Hello everyone, I am God K. I only like to study K-line. My friends call me “K-line madman”. You can call me old K.

【God K said】

Yesterday, the market rose strongly to the resistance of the monthly-level moving average, and then fell back under pressure. The upper shadow line on the daily line is longer. Such an upper shadow line often means that the resistance is not small, and it is temporarily unsustainable. It needs to be digested and consolidated, and continue to be patient.


On the news side, ignore it.

【technical analysis】

Let’s look at the monthly line:

On the monthly line, it can be clearly seen that the blue 43 line forms resistance to the price and falls back. Because this month is just over halfway, there is still relatively much time left. You can take the white path of continuing to strengthen the sun, or you can form the overall shock pattern that we mentioned before when the high and low points break, and then save it until April or May. Overall security is still high.

2nd line:

The line will be closed tomorrow morning, and the shape has not yet been fixed. The follow-up play is a yellow V-shaped reversal with a small head and shoulders bottom up or a white relative back stepping deeper and a larger head and shoulders bottom up, and the worst red path forms a double-headed arc top head and shoulders top and so on. Let’s see how the 2nd line will be closed tomorrow before operating.

Newly opened on the 3rd line:

Qianyang is too big, and the fluctuation is still small just after the opening line, so nothing can be seen for the time being.

The content of the daily line is more abundant:

First of all, it broke through the dark blue moving average line 359, which is the most significant, but the ether has not yet fully stabilized, so this is also the variable in the current market. At present, the overall formation of a diffuse triangular shock, before breaking through the upper track, you can continue to sway internally and take the green path to choose between strength and weakness. Inside the triangle, there is also the possibility that the light blue will continue to pull the market and skyrocket, which requires the market to regain its foothold on the lower track of the channel where the yellow arrow is located and break through the upper track where the red arrow is. Today’s words may not fluctuate much, because yesterday’s upper shadow line was too long, the market may need a few days to digest it, observe the market situation before making a choice, similar to the following picture:

If it is strong, it will go up a little today, and the overall positive line will end, but tomorrow, the negative line entity may fall back to today’s current position, forming a yin and yang oscillation mode, and then transforming into two yangs sandwiching one yin and then a big yang breakthrough. The medium one is the cross star with little fluctuation today, and then step back on the 359 line tomorrow without breaking it. After confirming that the breakthrough is effective, it will switch directly to the morning star with the evening star again. The worst trend is to play head and shoulders, copy the white arrow trend and wait for a while before going up.

Therefore, there is no good operation opportunity today, it is only suitable for watching, and the day after tomorrow will be based on the trend to see the specific form before doing it.




In terms of operation, before continuing to hold long orders at low positions, today is not suitable for operation, and any trend can only be watched. Remember not to be tempted, otherwise it is easy to be played by the main force. Hold the spot with peace of mind without tossing, just be patient.

Short-term rule: Regardless of the general trend, the small market will not be chaotic, long or short, I am not a god.

Pixiu Creed: Everyone has a choice, and each has a price. Just waiting for the end, I am Pixiu.

The above is all for today. I wish everyone a smooth investment in 2023 and auspicious Year of the Rabbit.I am Pixiu K, and I will continue to be Pixiu, see you tomorrow

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