God K’s Handbook: Just highlight one word: Hua Huo

Hello everyone, I am God K. I only like to study K-line. My friends call me “K-line madman”. You can call me old K.

【God K said】

The big rebound on Sunday, in a word, is really working hard. In this way, the weekly line becomes a single-needle bottom, and the monthly line also retains the possibility of being strong, and the word is still the same: patience.


On the news side, ignore it.

【technical analysis】

First look at the weekly line:

If the weekly line is strong, it can return to the new high of the 25300 first-line bed. If it is weak, it can make another needle to form a double-needle bottom and then go up again. It depends on how the main force is selected, but once this needle comes out, the probability of going down again is very small. As for whether the weekly line will evolve into a strong form or a oscillating form, it needs the follow-up trend to assist in judgment:

After the single-needle or double-needle bottoming of the red path is generally completed, a new high will be reached, and the resistance will be 28800-31000-35000. The white path is a state of shock and waiting to be selected. It can turn into a strong line with the same target as a new high, or it can form a more complicated double head or head and shoulders top down again.

The 5th line will close tomorrow morning:

The current form ignores the upper and lower shadow lines, which are similar to the previous entities. It is a parallel line play. You can stop here today and the subsequent cycle will slowly rise. There is a very small probability that the play will continue to explode. Then the Yang line needs to be very large, and it is likely to go straight to the 26 line.

The 3-day line closes on the 15th. There is a high probability that the white path will fluctuate and the two K-lines will fall back and then go up. The yellow path with a small probability will continue to go up:

There is a high probability that the morning star on the 2-day line can be maintained. If it is a morning star, then a V-shaped reversal pattern will be formed in the follow-up as a whole, and it will take some time to go up again:

On the daily line:

According to the market price method, pay attention to stepping back to the 19600-19800 line, which is consistent with the conventional situation mentioned in our article. Now it rebounds to the 22800 line, which is obviously a resistance area. According to the way the main force likes to toss around 1,000 US dollars recently, then the following The support is between 21500-21800. Today or the next few days, the position of stepping back is probably around here (if you don’t take the direct strong mode), so if you don’t do long on Saturday, you can wait for some time 21500-21800 If you want to do more, you can use 21,300 US dollars for the stop loss. Spot more patience is.




In terms of operation, you can continue to hold long orders at low positions before, and continue to hold long orders on Saturday. If it goes well, it may become a very comfortable order. It may take some time to make short-term contracts. 21500-21800 first-line, Stop loss at $21,300. The patient waiting for the completion of the spot layout, including the previous ones and those bought on Saturdays, is the same.

Short-term rule: Regardless of the general trend, the small market will not be chaotic, long or short, I am not a god.

Pixiu Creed: Everyone has a choice, and each has a price. Just waiting for the end, I am Pixiu.

The above is all for today. I wish everyone a smooth investment in 2023 and auspicious Year of the Rabbit. I am Pixiu K, and I will continue to be Pixiu, see you tomorrow.

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