Germany clears the way for new national traffic pass

BERLIN (AP) — German officials on Wednesday cleared the way for a 49-euro ($48.50)-a-month public transit pass that will be valid nationwide, a move to superchargers available over three months. The long-running follow-up to Cheaper Tickets this summer proved very popular.

Transport Minister Volker Wissing said the federal government and representatives of Germany’s 16 states settled the financing issue at a meeting in Berlin. He said the new “Deutschlandticket” or “Germany ticket” would be rolled out “as fast as technically possible”, hopefully in early 2023.

In June, July and August, Germany sold a “9 euro ticket” that enables people to use the regional train, bus and tram network across the country for 9 euros per month. It’s part of an effort to help fight inflation spurred by Russia’s war in Ukraine, as well as to encourage people to switch to greener public transport and reduce gasoline use.

There are widespread calls to find some kind of successor at a more sustainable cost. A major attraction is that it works on all regional transport networks in Germany, each with countless fare options that can be difficult to navigate.

The aim is to make new tickets paperless and available for a month or as a rolling pass. Like its predecessor, it’s not suitable for intercity trains – although with creativity and enough patience, long-distance travel using regional trains is possible.

The German federal government has offered to subsidize new airfares by 1.5 billion euros a year; a few weeks ago, the states expressed their willingness to do so, pending an agreement on federally funded regional train services.

Under Wednesday’s agreement, funding will increase by 1 billion euros this year and 3 percent annually thereafter, Wissing said.

This fell short of the states’ original requirements. North Rhine-Westphalia Premier Hendrik Wuest said it was the “absolute minimum” needed to maintain current services, and some of his colleagues were even more fussy.

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7 stocks for 2023

2022 is just around the corner, and for many investors, a new year is just around the corner. Will the stock market be better in 2023? If history is a guide, it will be.

The stock market has performed well in the 12 months following the midterm elections, the midterm elections of a president’s four-year term. That’s usually because midterm elections tend not to go well for the party in the White House.

The reason for this trend is not in our cabs. We’re just looking at what that means for stocks. This suggests that the market could see a strong recovery next year…at some point. But usually, you have to own the right stocks.

This is the focus of this special talk. We’re looking at seven stocks that have good reasons to grow in the coming year. Some of these stocks now offer investors a good entry point.

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