Game Space Debuts Season 2 of Player One Tournaments Featuring AAA Web3 Games The Lost Land, Oath of Peak and Bless Global

Game Space successfully hosted the first Player One Tournament in February with over 20,000 participants, generating 200,000+ Twitter interactions and adding over 41,000+ Twitter growth for gaming partners. Following the success of the first tournament, Game Space is pleased to announce the debut of Season 2 of the Player One Tournament featuring AAA Web3 titles The Lost Land, Oath of Peak and Bless Global. For this event, Game Space has brought together a 15,000 USDT listed token prize pool, and established strategic partnerships with more than 50 partners, including KCC Chain, Quest3 do-to-earn platform, Bybit Exchange, Link3, CyberConnect, leading DAOs and Gaming Guild. As one of the main sponsors of the event, Tencent Cloud International has provided game partners with Cloud Credits worth up to US$30,000, and will continue to invest in each event in the future to support the GameFi industry.

Games have always been considered as one of the core narratives of Web3, gathering more Web2 traffic, ownership of game assets, and verifiable on-chain data, all of which have promoted the development of the GameFi space. According to the data of DappRadar, there will be more than 800,000 active independent wallet addresses in the peak period of 2022, and the GameFi market size is expected to reach 38 billion US dollars in 2028. It can be seen that in the eyes of some OG players, it is a space with great potential. GameFi enthusiasts and investor.

Game Space CEO Michael Cameron said: “Despite the biases brought by the bear market, GameFi has always demonstrated strong potential and great resilience. Game Space has been deeply involved in the GameFi field since its inception, by providing SDK’s GaaS as a service.Through our efforts, Game Space has also become a reliable GameFi platform, with more than 60 K+ unique Web3 communities, we will continue to break through the boundaries, bring more Web2 gamers into Web3, and provide Gamers are offered the best rewards in return for their time and investment into the game.”

2022 is going to be a tough year for everyone, with the crypto winter affecting many projects in the Web3 space. Bear markets aren’t all bad news, however. It removes many malicious threat actors and pullers, increasing the legitimacy of the space. This creates even more excitement in the GameFi space and is what attracts premium games to be part of Player One tournaments. This time, Yeeha Games invested 50 million US dollars in the GameFi platform “Peak Pledge”, the first tower defense strategy GameFi “Lost Land” independently developed by Monster Labs, and the world’s first 3A-level GameFi massively multiplayer online character Bless Global—— Playing games (MMORPG) Tigon Mobile has shown keen interest in making a splash in the GameFi Space and reviving the enthusiasm of real gamers.

In addition, according to official sources, Bless Global of Tigon Mobile, a subsidiary of Longtu Korea, has launched the game using the Game Space SDK. PocketBuff is the result of the cooperation between Tigon Mobile and Game Space. It is a platform that supports Bless Global’s NFT transactions and aims to provide game users with a seamless Web3 experience.

Player One Tournament Season 2 is a 12-day tournament with 3 days dedicated to 1 playing partner. Game Space also invited influential Twitch streamers Polka Starter and Thomas Pearson to add excitement to the game. In the last 3 days, Game Space will provide a 500 USDT prize pool to 100 lucky participants who complete all Quest 3 tasks:

Game Space will continue to cooperate with interested partners to hold Web3 game tournaments, attract the attention of various GameFi projects, and expand the Web3 game player base, so as to better promote the development of the entire GameFi space and Web3 ecology.

About Game Space

Game Space is Web3’s first casual GameFi Hub, focusing on quickly uploading Web2 small games to the chain. The Casual GameFi series of games will form an ecosystem through free play on the platform and Web2 entry, so that USDT, game props, NFT and game points (GP) rewarded by the game can be interchanged and converted to form an effective ecosystem. cover. Game Space has released classic mini-games such as Goat!, Merge Bird, Melon Fusion and its own bonus-focused game MythMania. Game Space will work with partners to explore the future of Social GameFi, including DIDs and other Web3 innovations, bringing an extra hour of joy to Web3 users every day.




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