Fusion of real-time entertainment and the metaverse

Kiss Kiss META (KISSME) is a lifestyle utility token and upcoming NFT platform that aims to connect authentic celebrations to the metaverse through KISSME tokens. KISSME is a community-driven currency that provides access to many venues and events where people can meet, play and meet in a whole new dimension of immersion.

With the advent of virtual worlds, real-time participation in extended reality environments has become a trend, transforming the world’s entertainment experience, including nightlife and parties. Between entertainment businesses, club owners and party planners, the transition to extended reality can be complicated. Kiss Kiss META offers a solution that merges the metaverse experience with the entertainment platform, and creates a bridge between the Terraverse and the metaverse nightlife scene, and vice versa.

Token overview

Token Name: KISSME

Total Supply: 60 000 000 000

Total circulation: 6 000 000 000

What is the purpose of KISSME? KISSME tokens are used as currency exchange during events in Terraverse and Metaverse. KISSME tokens are used as a payment method for admission tickets and services for virtual events. Ownership of KISSME tokens grants privileged access to special venues and partners. The coin can be traded on DeFi platforms and can be traded as USDT at any time. What does the Kiss Kiss META ecosystem include?

Festive Experience: KissMe VR

Kiss Kiss META brings real-world festivals into the virtual world through VR platforms such as KissME VR. They provide partner clubs with global exposure through the virtualization of events and Crypto promotions, building multi-dimensional festival experiences to maximize audience reach.

KISSME Tokens provide multi-dimensional payment tokens for all services in the Kiss Kiss META campaign, allowing the decentralized exchange of tokens in exchange for services and gifts.

Kiss Kiss META is a festival community built around KISSME tokens. Our metaverse world provides meeting areas, in-house games, NFTs, wearables and profile matching algorithms to inspire interaction among members.

Known as NFKeys, NFTs are used as loyalty cards to unlock access to KissMe products, services and rewards, while ensuring loyalty to KISSME tokens.

What is the token distribution of KISSME?Private Sales 7% Public Sales 35% Team 8% Strategic Partners 2% Development 13% Mackang 20% ​​Company Remaining 15% Kiss Kiss META Development Roadmap

Kiss RoadmapKiss Roadmap

Kiss Kiss META (KISSME) Official Media

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