Founding Partner of Pantera Capital: The biggest regret is not investing in the Ethereum ICO


Rhythm BlockBeats news, Steven Waterhouse, founding partner of Pantera Capital, recently said that as a venture capitalist, his biggest regret is that he did not invest in IC0 of Ethereum.

Steven Waterhouse received his Ph.D. from Cambridge University in 1997. He joined Fortress Investment Group in 2013. Prior to joining, he also founded several successful companies and met Mike Novogratz there. Steven Waterhouse’s original idea was to establish a crypto fund directly in Fortress. But no success. He later became one of the founding partners of Pantera Capital, a crypto fund invested by Fortress. He is currently the CEO of Orchid (Orchid Protocol), a decentralized V / PN service company.

When asked what was the biggest mistake as a venture capitalist, Waterhouse’s answer was to miss Ethereum IC0. He had the opportunity to invest in Ethereum ’s ICO, but his close relationship with the Bitcoin (BTC) core team at the time affected his judgment: “I will not say that we are Bitcoin maximizers, but this is like, It feels like maybe people on the bitcoin side may come up with this idea too. So is this mass sales model made by anarchists really not working? At that time we had the opportunity to invest in Ethereum’s IC0. But we didn’t do it. It was a mistake. “Rhythm Note: The IC0 price of ETH was 1 USD.

Waterhouse said he still believes in decentralized smart contract platforms. “I think from a development perspective, Ethereum is still a leading example. If you have participated in DevCon and other developer conferences. You will understand what I mean. Ethereum developers have increased by several orders of magnitude. “

Ideological prejudice does not help to make the right investment decision-people such as Waterhouse will sometimes make judgment errors.

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