Forecast 2024 – Shiba Memu and Polygon price growth could explode next year

The cryptocurrency market is finally waking up again after several false dawns. The leading cryptocurrency is paving the way for exciting new projects to take center stage. One of the most anticipated developments is the release of the new Polygon cryptocurrency token with the release of Polygon 2.0. Experts are already predicting significant price increases for Polygon as it becomes available to a whole new investing audience.

at the same time,Shiba Memuis one of the most exciting new projects to hit the cryptocurrency space this year. Its AI-powered self-marketing capabilities have the potential to redefine the memecoin space. As investors digest the news that MATIC will be replaced by the new coin POL, Shiba Memu is struggling to find relevance, even before listing for trading. Here’s why analysts are excited about what might happen with SHIB and Polygon prices as we head into 2024.

Polygon Price Insights: Why POL could make MATIC news a thing of the past

Polygon is one of the most versatile platforms in the cryptocurrency community, providing the best performing platform built for Ethereum.Layer 2 scalabilityOne of the solutions. The traditional MATIC token is being phased out and will be replaced by POL. Although POL will perform the same services as MATIC, such as enabling validator nodes and paying gas fees, it will also drive the Polygon 2.0 upgrade.

The MATIC token was launched in April 2019 at a price of $0.0044510, falling to an all-time low a month later at $0.00332210. It finally made waves in the 2021 bull run and reached a high of $2.92 in November. At the time of writing, Polygon’s price is $0.510232, less than 20% of its all-time high. However, despite this, it still maintains a market capitalization of over $5 billion and is closing in on being one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by valuation.

Shiba Memu is here, the AI-powered meme coin is changing the market

Shiba Memuis a revolutionary memecoin that combines the groundbreaking power of artificial intelligence with the security of blockchain. The result is an unstoppable, self-promoting memecoin dreamlike existence that is making waves in the cryptocurrency space.

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis, Shiba Memu scans the internet for mentions of itself. It then assesses investor sentiment towards itself and promotes itself on targeted internet forums and social networks by learning successful marketing strategies. As time goes by, Shiba Memu continues to improve its intelligence and influence, consolidating its important position in the meme currency market.

However, that’s not all. Shiba Memu’s community also plays an important role. The platform features an interactive AI dashboard that users can access using their SHMU token holdings. Here, users can oversee autonomous marketing campaigns for their tokens and earn rewards by proposing new sites and communities, while providing helpful feedback or guidance.

This incredible level of interaction goes far beyond what is typical for meme coins. Combined with the staking of tokens for passive yields and compelling deflationary token economics, it is expected to keep buying pressure high and sustain the token’s scarcity.

In many circles, meme coins are still viewed as a joke, but with a market of more than $15 billion, Shiba Memu is not laughing.

Shiba Memu’s pre-sales and prospects

Predicting the future price movements of memecoins is an imprecise science, even by the usual volatile standards of the cryptocurrency market. While many meme coins have achieved great returns on investment in the short term, no one could have foreseen that meme coins such as Pepe Coin would experience huge price increases, even though it had nothing but a vague but funny frog mascot. Obvious value.

And Shiba Memu once again stands out, more than a head above other meme coins.

First, there is the exciting ICO, which lasted 60 days longer than the initial two months due to huge investor demand. This brings a triple benefit. First, Shiba Memu can maximize its liquidity. Secondly, investors who participate in the ICO late can earn returns of up to 119.33% during the second 60-day period, and finally, early investors have the opportunity to potentially double their returns.

How to achieve this goal? Shiba Memu is an ICO coin with a different and unique structure. When investors reserve their tokens, they begin to see returns as the price of the SHMU native token increases by $0.000225 per day. However, with the ICO about to end in a few days, has the dog left the starting line and is far ahead?

Market analysts think not. The stunning early price swings that Pepe Coin achieved upon its release in 2023 are still fresh in our minds. Investors achieved returns of up to 7,000% within a month of Pepe Coin’s launch, pushing Pepe Coin to a market cap of $1 billion. Experts are also optimistic about SHMU’s forecast.

Many believe it is possible for the earliest investors to receive a 50x return over the next year, pushing the price of the SHMU token above $0.50. With the utility behind it, this smart crypto dog looks poised to maintain its continued competitiveness in the long term.

MATIC News: POL Token Release Expected to Drive Polygon Price Higher

The release of the Polygon 2.0 upgrade is big news for Polygon. While it’s not as catchy or immediately endearing as an NFT launch or a new meme coin mascot, Polygon is playing an increasingly important role in developing cross-chain interoperability.

MATIC has been a durable cryptocurrency investment option for years, maintained by Polygon with new features regularly introduced. This new upgrade and the launch of the POL token could propel Polygon to the top of the cryptocurrency world.

Polygon already has some impressive partnerships, including Mastercard and Warner Music, joining Nike, Mercedes-Benz, Adidas and Reddit. Additionally, with the number of MATIC token holders increasing from 26 million to nearly 44 million in 2023, Polygon is a project with continued potential.

It is expected that existing MATIC token holders will receive POL tokens through the airdrop, while a whole new audience will have the opportunity to learn what is possible. With Polygon’s market-leading scalability and interoperability solutions, experts predict that Polygon prices should rise significantly next year.

Shiba Memu expected to explode as Polygon price rises

With bull market conditions expected soon, experts predict that Polygon’s new upgrade and token launch could not be better timed. However, for investors looking for huge price moves, Shiba Memu’s innovative technology combined with its intoxicating looks make it the best cryptocurrency investment opportunity of the year.

Now is the time to grab the Shiba Memu pre-sale opportunity. So give yourself a chance for a quick return in the next few days and you’ll likely see this smart puppy take off next year.

learnHow to buy SHMU.

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