For Nokia, the Metaverse will mark the death of the smartphone

Connecting the world in a different way – this executive inside Nokia believes the Metaverse will soon surpass smartphones. What are the necessary conditions for this (r)evolution and what are the related issues expected?

From smartphones to virtual worlds: the great movement of the decade?

According to Nishant Batra, Nokia’s chief strategy and technology officer, the Metaverse experience will surpass smartphones in the “second half of this century.”

This announcement from one of the first phone makers may come as a surprise. In fact, in this case, the metaverse experience requires a lot of effort to develop virtual reality headsets and augmented reality glasses.

Nishant Batra said the availability of virtual and augmented reality devices will be “affordable, ergonomic and wirelessly connected” and will impact “widespread adoption of the technology” by businesses and consumers alike.

Sufficient industry adoption may be easier to achieve, as some of the metaverse’s use cases have already been explored there. Therefore, virtual reality headsets can be used to provide training in the industrial machinery industry.

As such, Nokia expects smartphones to be replaced in the long term by virtual worlds powered by virtual reality headsets and augmented reality glasses. But the company also foresees the emergence of security breaches associated with this development. As such, the company is working to address these issues to protect users in the Metaverse.

These predictions by Nokia are bold. However, it must be analysed from the financial perspective of the investments required to effectively democratise the virtual world and go beyond smartphones. The technology development used to create these virtual universes has cost Meta billions of dollars and left the company’s investors graying out.

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