Floating Bamboo in the Currency Circle: 5.26 Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) Latest Market Analysis and Trading Strategies

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The pie yesterday had a high around 26630 and a low around 25870. Although the big pie fell below the 26,500 line of strong support in the near future, it did not accelerate to break through 26,000 directly, but stood above 26,000. This wave of dips can be regarded as a process of laundering, washing out the 26,500 bargaining chips. The pancake fluctuated upwards yesterday. In the early morning, it rose to a maximum of 26631, and then began to fall back. It did not effectively stand above 26,500. At present, the pie is repeatedly in the 26,500 area. If it cannot effectively stand, it will probably fall again Probe to test the 26000 line.

The daily line level received the positive cross star yesterday, and the energy still has not kept up. It is an infinite rebound. It is currently supported by the MA120 daily line. , under the pressure of 26700 on the middle rail of Bollinger, it is currently in the process of rebound adjustment. If it does not effectively stand above 26500, the operation can be based on high altitude.

The lower part focuses on the support of 25800-26000, and the upper part focuses on the pressure of 26500-26700. It is recommended to short wet positions around 26500, place the stop loss above 26800, and target 26100-25800. Do long wet positions around 26000, place the stop loss below 25600, and target 26300-26500. The market is ever-changing, and the specific operation is mainly based on real-time strategies.

Ethereum’s high was around 1818 yesterday, and its low was around 1761. Although the ether has fallen out of the linkage pie, it has not fallen below the recent box structure. Yesterday, the linkage pie went up in a slightly volatile upward trend. After pulling up in the early morning to test the 1820 line, it began to fall. With the weekend approaching, it is expected that the ether will Repeatedly around 1800.

The daily line level closed out the positive cross yesterday, and the volume and energy still have not kept up. Currently supported by the MA120 daily line, the Bollinger Bands are in the converging mouth. The opening of the 4-hour level Bollinger Bands is open. Under the pressure of the Bollinger Middle Rail 1820, MCAD appears Deviate from. At present, the ether is still in the box, and the high altitude is the main operation, and the low and long is supplemented.

Focus on 1730-1750 support at the bottom and 1880-1900 pressure at the top. It is recommended to short wet positions around 1830, place the stop loss above 1860, and target 1800-1780. Do long wet positions near 1770, place the stop loss below 1740, and target 1800-1820. The market is ever-changing, and the specific operation is mainly based on real-time strategies.

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