Fireblocks and JCB are preparing new cryptocurrency integration tools

In many developed countries, companies can officially accept payment in cryptocurrencies for goods and services, implementing smart contracts to automatically send payments for the supply of stablecoins.

Created in partnership with startup Checkout.out, the Fireblocks system allows banks to service Crypto accounts of legal entities in the same way as regular fiat accounts, compliant with KC/AML and other regulatory requirements. Companies can order from banks to merchants with the option of crediting cryptocurrencies to their accounts or automatically converting them to fiat currency.

The platform is named Payment Engine, and initially it supports 42 blockchains and 1,300 tokens issued in these networks. In the future, the list of Crypto assets will expand.
Japan’s payment system JBC makes it easier for citizens to use CBDC in the future. If the Bank of Japan launches a Crypto version of the yen, cardholders will be able to pay with their existing bank cards.

Meanwhile, JBC is developing a mobile app called JBCBDC. Payments in Crypto yen will be made in the e-wallet using a QR code issued by the merchant.

JBC has attracted French startup IDEMIA and Malaysian startup Softspace for a project to adapt a CBDC to a payment system. The Bank of Japan did not share the financial firm’s optimism and froze the rollout of the Crypto yen. According to the authorities, today the country has a fairly reliable and innovative payment system that does not require a move to the blockchain.

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