Find Satoshi Lab launches NFT marketplace

Find Satoshi Lab has now come up with an interesting idea. In its new NFT marketplace, it hopes to support artists more with bigger rewards. You can read more about the entire program and the company itself in this article.

Debut of Find Satoshi Lab and MOOAR

Find Satoshi Lab has launched a new NFT marketplace with a MOOAR compulsory license fee. MOOAR will include non-fungible tokens from multiple chains. However, using the platform will cost users $29.90 per month.

The platform wanted to go a different route. One of its goals is to support NFT traders and creators through a unique membership model with zero platform fees and optional licensing fees. MOOAR is currently available on Solana and Ethereum.

This is the third project launched within the Find Satoshi Lab ecosystem, following fitness and lifestyle app STEPN and decentralized exchange DOOAR. What these three applications have in common is that they are designed to be a fully self-sustaining ecosystem, STEPN brings users in and directs them to DOOAR for liquidity and to MOOAR for irreplaceable Token.

“We strongly believe that long-term value will be created and delivered by supporting creators and artists,” said Manghani, the company’s chief operating officer.

The company is not currently idle and is already working on another project called Launchpad. Launchpad will be an “incubator” for emerging artists, acting as a hackathon. Artists will work on a common theme for a period of time, and users will then choose the best project.

“With Launchpad, we’re giving Crypto artists a super organic way to get not only their first users, but their first user feedback, so I can’t think of a better way to support the project ,” Manghani said.

Find Satoshi Lab is a Web3 game and development studio founded in 2021 with a mission to connect Web2 and Web3. There are now 5 million STERN users. The company revealed that it wants to use the launch of MOOAR to advance its ambition to build a super cryptocurrency application that combines NFT trading and liquidity provision with features of interest to users.

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