Finastra Launches ESG Service for Lending

Financial services software and cloud solutions provider Finastra has launched its ESG Service, a cloud-native SaaS solution that simplifies sustainability-related lending.

As a cloud-native SaaS solution using open APIs, it offers high flexibility to support various transaction structures and scalability to include new features and partner applications.

It can add additional pricing components in addition to interest and ongoing fees, and can support multiple transaction processing systems that require loan pricing adjustments.

By providing a means of automatically tracking changes in ESG performance and associated margins, the service will provide significant benefits to middle and back office users, including credit managers, borrowers and sustainability coordinators.

Having an automated solution for managing KPI and ESG pricing changes for sustainability-related loans enables banks to efficiently grow these loan portfolios at scale and minimize the risks associated with manual processes.

Simon Thorogood

Simon Thorogood

“Finastra’s ESG service provides banks with a well-defined, transparent and automated solution for managing ESG performance and related pricing adjustments, creating a more seamless experience for clients.

Furthermore, with complex and evolving ESG regulations on the horizon, having a centralized data repository will greatly assist banks in efficiently and accurately meeting their regulatory obligations in meeting relevant disclosure requirements. “

Simon Thorogood, senior director of corporate and syndicated lending at Finastra, explained.

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