Financial Star of the Russian Federation Announces Surveillance of Cryptocurrency Owners


Rosfinmonitoring monitors more than 25,000 participants in cryptocurrency exchanges. This was stated by the head of the department, Yuri Chikhanchin, TASS wrote.

According to him, transactions in Bitcoin and 20 other assets are controlled. The Ministry of the Interior, the Financial Stability Board and the Commission of Inquiry have been involved in the process, and some 120 investigations have been carried out and 60 criminal cases have been opened.

“About 10 financial organizations have been identified to assist in cryptocurrency transactions. Today’s turnover exceeds 630,000 BTC,” Chikhanchin said.

The financial intelligence chief referred to a transparent blockchain-based cryptocurrency analysis service his department is developing. Chikhanchin noted that some CIS countries are already interested in the tool.

Recall that in December 2022, Rosfinmonitoring supports the prohibition of settlements with cryptocurrencies, the restriction of their advertising and the need for an explanatory work on the high risk of such assets.

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