Filecoin partners with strong names

Decentralized file-sharing protocol Filecoin (FIL) has accelerated its Web3 efforts by partnering with strong names in the industry.

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Despite the cryptocurrency bear market, discussions on the concept of decentralization, and the collapse of the project, the development continued. The companies behind cryptocurrencies are taking steps as part of funding or partnerships. Projects that are accelerating their work in the cryptocurrency market are starting to set the stage for a bull run. One of them, Filecoin, strengthens the Decentralized Storage Association by partnering with strong names.

Name the field now with Filecoin

Brand names in this space will work with Filecoin within the scope of the Web3 integration. This alliance, announced by Filecoin, aims to get more companies involved in Web3 technology. The partners include computer hardware giant AMD, storage device maker Seagate and accounting firm Ernst & Young.

The Filecoin Foundation, the company behind the decentralized platform, meticulously conducts all development. The Decentralized Storage Association was established to meet the needs of enterprise customers and facilitate the transition to Web3. Other members who joined the consortium have experienced blockchain before. AMD has developed a new product for cryptocurrency miners. Seagate has launched a new service for miners. Ernst & Young has partnered with Polygon.

All these names want to speed up their Web3 work.

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