Fake cryptocurrency news spreads through newspaper identity theft

El País, ABC, and more outlets are engaging in identity theft, an investigation by cybersecurity firm Panda finds

Last updated on March 13, 2023

Cybercriminals have launched a phishing scam in which they impersonate celebrities and media outlets to harvest victims’ personal information by sending emails with fake cryptocurrency news.

This was pointed out by the Office of Internet User Security (OSI) and cybersecurity firm Panda, who registered cases of the campaign by impersonating various online newspapers such as El País, ABC and El Mundo.

Specifically, the scammers sent emails under the name of one of the newspapers, which included fake testimonials from celebrities and online reputations, reporting “great investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.”

Cybercriminals use the fact that many users subscribe to various Crypto media and read their newsletters on a regular basis to facilitate deception. In this way, they use emails that appear to be legitimate and originate from known addresses.

As Panda explained in a statement, scammers use cryptocurrencies as bait as more and more people look to invest in this Crypto asset. In this case, the tactic used for the phishing attack started by sending emails with links to fake news from well-known newspapers.

Source: Political Department

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