Evening must-read|Is the stablecoin crisis resolved?

1. Grayscale: How did Silvergate, SVB, and Signature fall? Will the Fed raise interest rates?

Three U.S. banks closed over the weekend and panic spread, leading to a temporary drop in cryptocurrency prices. All three banks are crypto-friendly, how did these banks fall? And the next key event will be the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting on March 22. Given recent market events, it seems unlikely that the Fed will continue its aggressive policy of rate hikes.click to read

2.0x Finance | Review of “USDC Crisis”: Why Circle survived

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank is the largest bank failure since 2008, and the bank run has entered the encryption ecosystem, causing the second largest stablecoin issued by Circle, USD C, to break its anchor and fall to a low of 0.85 US dollars. But only two days later, USDC resumed its anchor price, and even had a premium at one point. Let us analyze why Circle was able to escape from this “USDC crisis”.click to read

3. What are the opportunities to participate in the ZK track in 2023? (with operation guide)

The current status of the ZK track can be summed up in one sentence: ZK is on the eve of dawn and is ready to go. It is reflected in the fact that since 2023, the actions of the ZK track have entered a faster development stage, such as the introduction of ZK technology by Binance, the technology update of Scroll, the huge financing of Way network and Nil Foundation, and more importantly, the ZK project zkSync , Starknet and Polygon zkEVM may launch token news.click to read

4. Taking Frax as an example to discuss the challenges and risks faced by decentralized stablecoins

The recent plunge in Frax is mainly due to the fact that it uses USDC as collateral. Black swan events like this week can be described as a big test for decentralized stablecoins. What is the point of holding decentralized stablecoins, and are they still subject to systemic risk?click to read

5. Stablecoin decoupling emergency escape guide: Prepare for the next crisis

What should you do when your stablecoin is at risk of decoupling? What is the logic behind the seemingly useless operation of Sun Ge exchanging USDC for DAI? From mainstream decentralized stablecoins, centralized stablecoins to currency-holding hedging and other solutions, this article will combine the underlying logic, actual data and cases to bring you the most comprehensive emergency escape guide for stablecoin decoupling.click to read

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