Evening must read | China’s web3 can not tolerate fantasy

1.0x Finance | Web3 products that can replace Web2 applications such as Chrome and Twitter

Web3 products are replacing users’ favorite Web2 applications, and adoption is happening faster than you might think. Privacy and decentralization are the two most attractive features that attract developers to use blockchain technology to improve today’s Web2 applications.click to read

2.0x Finance | Multicoin: How MEV Ecosystem Captures Value Under PoS

The market structure of MEV is dynamic and complex, but the participants who profit from the MEV market in a proof-of-work (PoW) network such as Ethereum 1.0 are either miners or searchers. MEV has always been a balance point between these two entities. For any given value opportunity, the searcher performs the task of technically optimizing a set of transactions and conducting a game-theoretic evaluation – sharing a portion of the potential profit with a number of competing miners. Note that both profits paid to miners and profits extracted by searchers are classified as MEV.click to read

3. Explain Ethereum EIP in detail: control the rudder of the 100 billion giant wheel

EIP is a very important part of the Ethereum ecosystem. It promotes the development of Ethereum, enriches the ecology of Ethereum, plays a guiding role and acts as a wind vane. In the Ethereum ecosystem, we often hear a word “EIP”, such as typical EIP-1559, EIP-20, EIP-721, etc. This familiar term often appears at key nodes in the development of Ethereum and in various Ethereum applications.click to read

4. Inventory 15 practical projects from Web2 to Web3

Web2 refers to the well-known version of the Internet. An internet that offers services under the control of internet companies to exchange personal data. Web3 refers to decentralized applications running on the blockchain. Any user can participate in these applications on Ethereum, and personal data is relatively safer.click to read

5. China’s web3 can’t hold fantasy

The situation and the way out of Web3 entrepreneurs in China and the United States are different. Among the rolling hills of Hillsboro, America’s richest town, are half-hill villas. These mansions are built on hills, with tall oak trees, flat private gardens and expansive swimming pools, and “great castles” spanning more than 10 acres are everywhere.click to read

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