Ethereum developers confirm that Eth 2.0 will not go live in July

Ethereum’s long-awaited Eth2.0 (Serenity) upgrade phase 0 using the PoS mechanism may go live longer than previously expected. The developer of the Ethereum project confirmed on May 12 that any so-called clear launch date is an obvious misinformation .

Eth 2.0 will not arrive in July

The Eth2.0 upgrade has been under development since the beginning of 2018. As far as its protocol update is concerned, the significance of this upgrade is to Ethereum as halving to Bitcoin.

Since Ethereum core developer Afri Schoeden recently announced that Eth2.0 ’s ​​first multi-client testnet “Schlesi” is up and running, the Eth2.0 Phase 0 (Beacon Chain) mainnet will be launched in mid-July Information was circulated, but according to Afri ’s tweet published on May 12, any “openly” implied clear online date is actually not a “helpful” behavior for Eth2.0 .

Earlier reports said that Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin was recently asked by reporters about issues that came online in July when attending the consensus conference. It was reported that Vitalik answered “yes” (yes) at the time.

Afri’s tweet wrote:

“(Eth2.0 Phase 0) The final specification has not yet been implemented on any client, and we have not yet launched a (official) joint testnet  . Publicly stated that the launch date does not actually help. I do n’t think Vitalik said 7 Will be online in the month . “

Later, Vitalik also responded to Afri’s tweets. Vitalik replied:

” Yes, I didn’t say July (will be online) . Maybe (the reporter’s) question contains the word July, but I didn’t hear the word July when I asked the question. I should have heard the question Of the word July, my fault. “


Twitter users soon asked the developer about the expected release date. However, just as any software development will happen, the test cycle takes a long time and cannot be promoted, especially for distributed protocols without centralized supervision .

Afri’s tweet was a response to a developer named Marco Levarato, Marco is not an Ethereum developer. Marco wrote in a tweet:

“(Eth2.0) cannot be launched in July because there is no official (joint) testnet yet, and this ‘coming soon’ official testnet needs to run flawlessly for at least 2 months . And we are now It’s mid-May. “


Although Eth2.0 may not come soon, the Schlesi multi-client testnet has been running for a while without problems. The multi-client framework helps to achieve interoperability between various Eth2.0 clients and collaboration between developers, which is also an important milestone for Eth2.0. Perhaps the next thing we need to look forward to is the launch of Ethereum’s official joint testnet.

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