Ethereum 2.0 will trigger the ETH bull market?

In the upcoming Ethereum 2.0, there are several reasons why the entire Ethereum network will be significantly improved.

The long-awaited and long-talked Ethereum 2.0 is finally about to begin. A cryptocurrency analyst predicted that Ethereum 2.0 may trigger an Ethereum bull market. In addition, Ethereum 2.0 may also revolutionize the future of global finance.

A recent publication by Adam Cochran, a partner at MetaCartel Ventures DAO, stated: “Ethereum 2.0 will bring the greatest economic transformation.” Cochrane cited several points to support his prediction.


The first point Cochrane said that the bet might be a strong catalyst for Ethereum. Large investors may think that it is very profitable to increase the rate of return to 5%. So through these investors, up to 30% of the asset supply can be bet on.

The second point is the combustion mechanism of ether. Cochrane said that the amount of ETH burned each year should exceed the amount of new ETH entering the market. This is likely to help establish a supply control and thus drive up prices.

The third point Cochrane also said that one of the key improvements in Ether 2.0 is the increase in the number of transactions per second. This will promote its “business and consumer viability” and generate actual demand.

The fourth point is that Ethereum co-founder Vitali once said that ETH 2.0 will increase the capacity of the network by a thousand times.

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