Ethereum 2.0 client Teku launches new version to merge

Preparations are at a high level as the date of the Ethereum merger draws closer. The Ethereum ecosystem has been working hard to finally roll out the long-awaited upgrade. The upgrade will transform the Ethereum mainnet from a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism to a proof-of-stake (PoS).

The transition plan for the second-largest crypto has lagged considerably. However, this move became necessary as PoW blockchains are highly criticized for their energy consumption during the mining process.

Additionally, the fuels used by most miners cause increased carbon emissions in the atmosphere, creating a serious environmental threat in many jurisdictions.

But the ethereum blockchain has collected its game as it looks forward to finally canceling mining on the network. It has launched Beacon Chain, the main engine supporting the Ethereum 2.0 network. Finally, it is working towards a “merge” of the beacon chain and the Ethereum mainnet by mid-September of this year.

Teku release v22.8.1

As one of the important steps in the transition to PoS, Ethereum 2.0 client Teku recently released a new version called v22.8.1.

According to the network announcement, this release is an important phase in keeping the Bellatrix upgrade running at the September 6th event. Therefore, it will support Merge’s process and keep everything working as the final release network for PoS.

With the latest rollout, all mainnet nodes are expected to align with the process by upgrading to the Teku version. This release requires a connection to the engine API that executes the client locally and will facilitate a seamless transition to PoS. Additionally, validators of nodes are expected to set default fee receivers for upgrades.

If the execution client is not updated, Teku will give a merge transform configuration error in its report. Therefore, after performing a client update, there will be no reported warnings about the client being unavailable.

Waiting period between Bellatrix upgrade and Ethereum merger

Proper timing is required in order to obtain the desired merge activation. The process takes 14 days as a waiting period between Bellatrix upgrades and mergers. This necessary time interval will cause the network to reach its unique total terminal difficulty. (TTD).

Ethereum dips below $1,700 on the charts Source: ETHUSDT on

According to speculation by Ethereum core developer Tim Beiko and Prysmatic Labs co-founder Terence Tsao, a TTD of about 587500000000000000000000 could trigger Merge. They believe obtaining this TTD value may happen soon, around September 15th.

Recall that after several delays, the merger was scheduled for September 19th. But some reactions point to the possibility of a transition even before the set date.

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