Endowus Appoints Hugh Chung as New Chief Investment Advisory Officer

Singapore-based Crypto wealth management platform Endowus announced that it has appointed Hugh Chung as its Chief Investment Advisory Officer.

In his new role, Hugh will lead the collective efforts to centralize the investment office across the group.

This includes the Endowus Crypto platform, Endowus Private Wealth, and Hong Kong-based Carret Private after the company acquires a majority stake in October 2022.

Working closely with Chairman and Chief Investment Officer Samuel Rhee, he will provide the group’s strategic direction on expert planning and management of all investment solutions in public and private markets.

Hugh brings with him over 20 years of experience in Asian asset management and financial advisory.

bell rest

bell rest

Hugh said,

“Today, I’m excited to be part of the wealthtech transformation led by Endowus, empowering more clients and meeting their needs by providing best-in-class investment solutions at low cost.

I also look forward to contributing to the continued expansion into new asset classes, such as private markets and alternative investments, as well as new markets such as Hong Kong,”

Samuel Lee

Samuel Lee

Sam added,

“Hugh’s regional expertise and the time he spends in the market will also be an invaluable asset to us as we prepare to launch in Hong Kong.

What’s more, our clients in Singapore and beyond will enjoy the greater benefits of optimal portfolio strategies and investment solutions carefully curated for them to achieve their wealth goals. “

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