Edward Snowden Calls Bitcoin ‘Creator’ Craig Wright a Fraud

Craig Wright, an Australian disguised as the creator of Bitcoin (BTC), has been accused of fraud by prominent whistleblower Edward Snowden. Wright has claimed for years that he is the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. However, he never proved it, and in a recent lawsuit, the Australian was not found to be correct. Yet he couldn’t stop. Wright was called a fraud during a Twitter spat with Snowden.

Recent Bitcoin lawsuits

Wright lost a lawsuit brought against him by Finn Magnus Granat, aka Hodlonaut, a few weeks ago. For years, the cryptocurrency world has been skeptical of Wright’s extraordinary claims. So Hodlonaut decided to lock the case forever and sued Wright for fraud. A few weeks ago, the court ruled in Hodlonaut’s favor.

“The court held that [Hodlonaut] There is sufficient factual basis to accuse Wright of lying and cheating in his attempts to prove he was Satoshi. “

In honor of Bitcoin’s anniversary, Snowden tweeted the Bitcoin whitepaper over the weekend. He added that he is curious that Bitcoin’s creator is still anonymous. Within minutes, Wright responded to Snowden’s message, claiming he “never remained anonymous.” He added “traitor scum” or “treacherous scum” to Snowden.

“A very bad fraudster”

Hours later, Snowden responded to Wright’s outburst, referring to Wright’s loss. The judge ruled that Wright could not be Satoshi Nakamoto. Snowden ended up calling Wright a hoax, a very serious hoax to be precise.

“He can’t even do decent fraud. It’s just embarrassing.”

Hodlonaut himself added that Wright still hadn’t paid. There was a lot of Twitter drama in the cryptocurrency space earlier this week. Wright did not appear to accept the judge’s decision. He apparently still insists that he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

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