Eco-friendly cryptocurrency presale raises $12M – Microsoft and Netflix affiliate partner?

Impact Project has now raised $12 million in one of the hottest presale in the cryptocurrency market. As its developers join more partners, this may just be the beginning.

Phase 1 pre-sale ends

Less than a week after breaking the $9 million mark, Impact Project’s utility token, IMPT, has raised that number to $12 million.

This pre-sale figure means that IMPT has now passed the first phase of the pre-sale. The Impact project is now set to allocate 660 million tokens for the second pre-sale phase and another 540 million for the third phase.

The token’s first phase pre-sale was $0.018, while the second phase’s pre-sale was $0.023 per unit. In the third phase, IMPT will be sold at $0.028.

Influence the ambitious goals of the project

The Impact Project launched earlier this year and has partnered with several well-known names in multiple industries. In the past month, the likes of Microsoft, Amazon and Netflix have joined its affiliate network. These companies will devote a portion of their resources and revenues to combating climate change and channel them through impact projects.

Such growth is one of the reasons why IMPT’s pre-sale is the most sought-after in the market.

Blockchain projects have set out to integrate environmental sustainability projects around the world to provide users with an easy way to fund them. Additionally, the project allows all users to purchase carbon credits, which can then be used to offset their carbon footprint.

The Impact Project is a blockchain-based tool that harnesses the power of technology to address the growing problem of climate change.

The team behind IMPT has set a lofty goal of connecting brands with individuals and businesses looking to offset their carbon footprint. To achieve this, the platform is using blockchain to improve the accessibility of carbon offsets and trading.

Each retailer will donate a percentage of sales transacted through the IMPT widget or app. They can decide how much to donate to audited environmental, social and governance (ESG) projects on the platform.

Consumers can also choose their favorite brands by comparing the sales margins of green items offered by each retailer. When investors use the IMPT widget or shop online through the app, they will receive IMPT tokens, which they can exchange for more carbon credits.

High Value Yield in D2T

While IMPT has some impressive gains right now, there are other assets that could present interesting buying opportunities.

One cryptocurrency asset that has gained a lot of attention is D2T. It is the native token of Dash 2 Trade, a research and analysis platform designed to capitalize on the growth of the cryptocurrency market.

Dash 2 Trade wants to be the “Bloomberg Crypto Terminal”, providing high-quality information to cryptocurrency investors. The platform’s native token, D2T, is now available for pre-sale. With the cryptocurrency market expected to witness significant growth in the near future, D2T could be a huge buying opportunity right now.

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