Do many armies stand still? Or is the Air Force going downhill?

————————Market news

1. JPMorgan: If the Fed raises rates by just 50 basis points on Wednesday, the S&P 500 could surge 10% in a day

2. Musk: He will be the CEO of Twitter

3. Jack Dorsey converts his 2.4% Twitter stake into new company shares, saving about $1 billion for Musk buyout

4. People familiar with the matter: Twitter may lay off 25% of its staff in the first round

5. Yi Gang, Governor of the Central Bank: All four types of Crypto RMB wallets and quasi-account “hard wallets” support small-value anonymous transactions

6. Musk promises Twitter will follow EU rules

———————— Technical Analysis of Bitcoin Market

There have been obvious signs of weakness and weakness in the rise of the pie in the past few days. The current short-term adjustment is at the 20600 line. Since the market hit the high above 21000, there has been a downward trend in short-term prices for two consecutive days. The daily line has been adjusted periodically. During the day, we will focus on the signs of effective stabilization after the downward correction. If the effectiveness of the first-line support of 20200-20000 is confirmed, you can enter the market and do more, targeting the first-line 20600-21000. On the other hand, if the market breaks the 20,000 mark in a strong way, then completely give up the idea of ​​making long positions and follow up with short-term orders. The short-term target is 19700-19500-19300; For your reference and exchange, not as a basis for anyone to enter the market, the consequences are at your own risk 😉

————————Technical analysis of Ethereum market

After ether fell under pressure from the impact high of 1660, there was an obvious stagflation signal in the short and medium term. The daily line has closed down for two consecutive days, and the long-short tug-of-war with a larger amplitude overnight was more intense, and the market is facing a new wave of turning points in the short term. There is selling pressure in the upward process, and there is buying support in the decline. The short-term situation is still relatively anxious. In terms of overall operation, you can still sell high and buy low with reference to yesterday’s key support and pressure. The indicators on the chart on the daily line have all entered into a high-level and volatile adjustment. In the short-term, there is a need to repair the gap to cover the gap. As long as the retracement is not large and there are signs of effective stabilization, you can enter the market to place more orders. In the day, the long-term orders are effectively stabilized at 1570-1550, and the short-term target is 1600-1630-1660; if there is a more obvious suppression signal in the rebound, the short-term long-term orders will directly leave the market. Wait patiently for the signal to enter the market and go short. (The specific entry is subject to the entry of the firm. The above views are purely personal suggestions and are only for your reference and exchange, not as a basis for anyone to enter the market, and the consequences are at your own risk;)

———————–Dividing line————————- ——————

The recent 30-day short-term order summary of the actual combat group: a total profit of 517 US dollars in Ethereum, and the rate of return is about 4000%! Gold nine silver ten, the market is surging, and friends who want to copy orders still have the opportunity to find long-term partners!

[Author’s Message]I will send real-time strategies to all my friends in the circle every day. I am not afraid to test my strength, and I will admit it if I am wrong! Keeping up with the last month, it’s hard for you to lose money! Why do countless customers join me every day, and why do so many people come here? Because people who have experienced strength have been inseparable, word of mouth has spread, and the reputation has been spread. Only good wine will make you taste it again and again, and the aftertaste will be endless. Only good tea will you drink it in your mouth, sweet in your stomach, and fragrant in your heart! (Follow the WeChat public account of “Coin Circle K Total 168”, more trading skills and investment mentality are waiting for you to learn) If you see my articles every day and feel good, use your wealthy hands to leave a comment at the end of the article and click Like, and retweet. Disclaimer: The above analysis content only represents the author’s personal opinion, and does not constitute a specific operation suggestion. According to this operation, the profit and loss are at your own risk, investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market.

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