Distraction 1102: Pay attention to whether BTC is sold in 30 minutes, sell first and then buy

On the evening of October 31st, BTC experienced a wave of up and down needles and fluctuated in a narrow range between 20237 and 20845. The third segment of the 30-minute central buying point analyzed in the previous post had already appeared in 20237. The focus of attention now is the third segment. When will the segment buy point go up and end the sell point, because the current price has come to the top of the 4-hour center of the major level, so whether the 30-minute up line segment breaks the new high and deviates from the first sell or does not break the new high, it is recommended to lighten up the spot and long orders first, and then sell first. Buy, wait for 30 minutes for the central buy point to appear and then cover the position.

The 30-minute center has come out. At present, it is mainly about the center shock trading around the new center. The sub-level above the center is sold at a divergence, and the sub-level below the center is divergent and bought until the third type of trading point is generated. As shown in the figure, the red and yellow selling points appear on the chart to lighten up the positions first, and then return to the bottom of the center to cover the buying points.

The short-term 5-minute 20237 is a small turn to a big rebound. After the rebound, it does not enter the center and sells three times. Three sells turn to two buys. Now it rebounds after two buys. Observe the strength of the rebound. The red trend is bullish and yellow is weak.

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