[Director]Market analysis on 12.9, the darkness before dawn, oscillating as always. Pull back and continue to oscillate again. Whether it can break through or need to wait for the CPI to be released.

Market Sentiment:

Chart structure:


The structure of the big pie 1H, the big pie has been pulled back to the center of the 1H. Since it is pulled back, the main thing to continue is to maintain the shock. In the short term, we still can’t see the direction. We need to wait for the release of the CPI on the 13th before we can see the market choice. It would be better to continue to operate according to the thinking of shocks. No. 7 said that if you buy more around 16800-16700, you can get a little profit. At this stage, the up and down fluctuations of the big pie are not very big, and you need to wait for the CPI to come out to stimulate the market to choose the direction.

The structure of Dabing 15F, at present, Dabing is still running the first 15F increase, this transaction has not yet ended, and there is still a 5F increase internally, after the completion, it is estimated that this 15F increase will be ended, and then a further increase The 15F callback, the space for the callback is estimated to be around 17000, and then the third 15F rise will be made, and the third 15F rise will determine whether the 1H rebound is over.


Auntie’s 1H structure, Auntie’s trend here is the same as that of a big pie, and it pulls back after falling below. Pulling it back means continuing to fluctuate. At present, the 1H investment is not yet completed. In theory, it can continue to rise. In the short term, it will still enter the range of shocks and wait for the CPI to choose the direction.

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