[Director]Analysis of the market on 3.15, the darkness before dawn, after 23 years of planting beans, the fruit will be obtained, whether the daily line of the big cake will close the line and stand firm at 2.5W is the key. Aunt is too blocked by trend pressure.

Market Sentiment:

Chart structure:


The structure of Dabing 1H, at present, Dabing is diverging within the segment. A 1H callback is required. At present, the yellow below is the support area. It is currently supported by the first support. However, the entire 1H decline has not yet been completed. The big cake will see if the daily line can stand firm at 2.5W. If it can stand firm, it will be considered as his breakthrough for the time being. It is currently the first breakthrough in September. If it fails to break through, there is still a possibility of going down, but the depth of going down may not be much, which is a short-term callback. Because the rise of the entire daily pen is not over. So the follow-up is still expected to break through the 2.5W opportunity.

The structure of the flatbread 15F. At present, the pie is still the first 15F drop. In the short term, here is a small support. If it is supported here, then there will be a 15F rebound. But the height of the rebound is estimated to be in the range of 25200-25600. Of course, it is also possible that the rebound height is not high and continue to consolidate a 5F center, which is also the trend of the blue pen. If you continue to go down a 5F leave pen, then the downward trend of 15F will be extended.


Aunt’s daily structure. Auntie’s daily trend is still a convergent triangle before, and it will take time to test for a real breakthrough here. There is no official breakout of the entity yet. It’s just narrowing the needle. From personal experience, such a large-scale breakthrough often needs a time-consuming grind, or a sudden very large positive line, accompanied by trading volume, and then the daily line breaks through and stands firm within 3 days. It is considered a physical breakthrough. . For the time being, my aunt has not made a breakthrough.

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