DeFi’s total lock-up volume exceeds 100 billion US dollars, a record high

According to the latest data from DeBank, the total lock-up volume of DeFi exceeded US$100 billion on April 28, a record high. The current total lock-up volume is US$101.6 billion, and the net lock-up volume is US$72.84 billion. The current top three DeFi agreements with locked positions are PancakeSwap (US$12.7 billion), Uniswap (US$10.6 billion), and Compound (US$9.7 billion). The total lock-up amount (TVL) is the most important indicator when measuring the scale of a DeFi project. It is obtained by calculating the total value (USD) of all ETH and various ERC-20 tokens locked in the smart contract of the project .

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