DeFi+CeFi HyperPay super financial payment network is about to set sail

In less than a decade, the ever-changing cryptocurrency space has reshaped every aspect of our lives. Today, as decentralized finance (DeFi) is being applied more and more to the cryptocurrency space, it is starting to be considered mainstream. DeFi’s total value locked (TVL) remains around $4 billion, showing that the ecosystem’s development model is viable. Despite the instability of cryptocurrencies, DeFi does provide investment opportunities for the public.

History is a tortuous development. Although the scale of DeFi TVL has fallen by nearly 80% from the high point, we should still remain optimistic. This is roughly the case when the Internet bubble and the technology stock bubble occur.

The goal of DeFi is to build a transparent financial system that is open to everyone, without permission, and without relying on third-party institutions to complete financial needs. Such as lending, trading, payment and derivatives.

It is open finance, which is also brought about by the infrastructure of the blockchain, and it is also inspired by Bitcoin. Its most important features are verifiability and transparency. Through the blockchain, people can verify every transaction that happens on it, which also brings transparency.

The key to DeFi – Web3 Wallet

Whether it is Web1.0 or Web2.0, users need to register different accounts on different platforms, and the information is isolated from each other.

Web3.0 has undergone a paradigm reversal. Through the underlying logic of Web3.0, users and platforms exist independently. When registering or logging in to a website, there is no need to fill in identity information and agree to a privacy agreement, but through a decentralized The network directly creates accounts and has a token agreement to maintain the Internet.

From Bitcoin, blockchain, NFT, to Ethereum, various public chains are constantly rising, and new concepts such as DApp, DAO, IOT, and X to earn have also emerged as the times require. Ideally, you only need to use your own Crypto wallet and key to log in to any website, and at the same time use the key to manage your own assets and obtain economic incentives.

Users authorize and participate in the wallet through the wallet to gain benefits, so a wallet product that is popular, has market competitiveness, high security, and a good brand image will achieve results in the resurgence of DeFi.

As a veteran wallet that has been on the market for 6 years, HyperPay is safe and has zero accidents. It has both traditional banking and Crypto currency banking capabilities, and uses one wallet to solve all financial payment problems.

Below, the core advantages of the HyperPay wallet will be introduced in detail:

Driven by security, fully guarantee the security of user assets

Asset theft incidents frequently occur in the current market, and asset security issues are once again placed in front of the world. As a wallet, security should come first. HyperPay’s decentralized Web3 wallet security solution adopts post-quantum encryption technology, Keychain and Keystore for iOS data storage The all-round support of encryption mechanism and other technologies creates a safe trading environment with strong walls for users.

1. Multi-dimensional environmental safety inspection

Root detection

Third-party library information

Anti-emulator defense detection

Mobile APP collection risk analysis

Network Security Detection

Phishing SMS/Email Analysis

UI deception detection

Clipboard Security Detection

UI screen recording detection

2. Double encryption technology guards the private key

Combination of post-quantum encryption and traditional encryption technology to encrypt communication

Maximize system compatibility while resisting quantum computer attacks

3. Token asset detection

Quick and active detection, open App asset security at a glance

A lot of detection items, covering contract security, transaction security and information security

Wide coverage, 1.11M+ detected tokens, 545K+ risky tokens

4. Authorization risk management

Comprehensive detection of authorization contract information

One-click revocation of risk authorization

Covers all major DApps

Actively intercept dangerous authorization

5. Transaction/investment comprehensive evaluation

Pixiu Disk Detection

Contract address detection

Transaction data detection

Holder data analysis

Liquidity Analysis

Online Dex analysis

In the updated 5.0 and subsequent versions, HyperPay also applies industry-leading security technologies such as MPC secure multi-party computing, homomorphic encryption HE, multi-cloud TEE security architecture, secure communication, zero trust architecture, and Crypto signature algorithm ECDSA to maximize Reduce the risk exposure of user assets and protect the rights and interests of users in the process of using the wallet.

For users participating in DApps, such as liquidity mining and mortgage lending, HyperPay combines the existing market information and its own accumulation in the industry to develop the comprehensive rating detection and contract security detection functions of the market module for users. Different public chains and different DEXs can evaluate the security situation and comprehensive score of the liquidity pool from the dimensions of “Pixiu Disk Suspicion”, “flow pool data”, “token data”, and “contract code”, and users can enhance it accordingly The security in the HyperPay DEX transaction helps users to have more data as investment reference during the investment process, especially key data such as new mines, top mines, and transaction volume. HyperPay has added columns for the total flow and 24h transaction times At the same time, the switching display of key parameters is provided on the market list page.

Support public chain network More one wallet to meet all user needs

Compared with MetaMask, which has a wide audience in the current market, the HyperPay Web3 wallet supports more public chain networks. It currently supports 33+ mainstream public chains, 54+ for managed wallets, 19+ for hardware wallets, and 12+ for DApp ecosystems.

Users can experience mining, lending, cross-chain flash exchange, aggregate Dex in the Web3 wallet, and can also pay attention to the new public chain status and NFT information, and enjoy the DeFi world; they can also experience financial management, machine gun pool, and low-interest borrowing in the managed wallet , high-interest financial management, bull-bear battles, easy to maintain and increase the value of assets; at the same time, the HyperMate hardware wallet can ensure that your assets are stored in an absolutely safe environment; For all the needs of users, it is right for users to download HyperPay.

As a Web5 concept wallet with convenient operation and comprehensive functions, HyperPay’s years of hard work in CeFi is also well-known:

HyperPay Operation Data


HyperPay wallet profit model

Both HyperPay hosted wallet and Web3 wallet have specific profit models, which are mainly divided into individual and enterprise users. The managed wallet profit includes currency listing, asset custody and management fees for enterprise users; transaction fees and Cryptocurrency for individual users. Card opening fee, recharge fee, fund management service fee, etc.; Web3 wallet profit methods mainly include currency listing, DApp promotion, and commission rebates; in addition, HyperPay wallet is selling hardware wallets/Hpos machines and other physical hardware products.

Looking forward to the past, HyperPay took steps step by step:

The development of HyperPay

Project started in March 2017

In 2018, HyperPay version 1.0 was officially launched

Financial management function launched

Web wallet online

Strategic investment in CoinW exchange

In 2019, the currency transaction function will be launched

Mortgage lending function is online

OTC function online

Launched HyperMate hardware wallet

In 2020, the HyperPay wallet will be officially open source

Launched HyperMate Pro hardware wallet

Encrypted asset custody service platform launched

Cloud computing power products launched

DeFi wealth management products launched

The Hpay payment system will be launched in 2021

Launched crypto asset Hpos payment terminal

Launch of crypto asset ATM

The function of buying coins by credit card is online

HyperPay partner function is online

Smart pool wealth management products launched

DeFi financial management supermarket is online

Web3 Wallet Online Aggregation Dex Function

Web3 Wallet launches cross-chain flash exchange function

Assets under custody reach US$1 billion

The number of Web3 wallet users exceeded 200,000

HyperPay version 5.0 will be launched in 2022

HyperPay agent function is online

casually borrow online

Derivatives of bull and bear wars are online

Incubation HyperLab Security Lab

Launch of cryptocurrency credit card

Web3 wallet multi-dimensional security detection online

Malicious address security detection is online

HyperPay users break through 120w

Even in the current cold winter, HyperPay remains optimistic about the future development of the industry and is looking forward to the future:

HyperPay Future Planning

2023 Q1: Open global accounts for users, support the recharge and transfer of dozens of legal currency funds such as US dollars, euros, British pounds, and Canadian dollars, and realize rapid exchange between legal currencies and cryptocurrencies

2023 Q3: Improve the crypto mall, allowing crypto assets to circulate in the HyperPay ecosystem like legal tender

2023 Q4: Build a private bank of crypto assets to provide private banking services for crypto high-net-worth individuals

2024 Q1: Build a cross-platform, cross-public chain decentralized identity authentication system, and create a Web3 credit mechanism

HyperPay Wallet has completed the previous white paper planning and is now moving forward to the new 5 years. Our new mission is to build a hyper-financial payment network, integrate the advantages of Web2 and Web3, CeFi and DeFi go hand in hand, and provide users with diversified financial services. At this node, HyperPay also launched a new token incentive plan HW5 to the market:

Token description

HW5 is the backbone of the HyperPay ecosystem. HW5 adopts PoP (Proof of Participation) mining mode, that is, users mine by participating in the HyperPay wallet business. Including HyperCard consumption, recharge, user financial management, lending, transactions and many other user behaviors.

Pledge incentives: After obtaining tokens, users can choose to pledge on the platform, and pledge can get new tokens.

Token Equity


Note: In the HyperPay Crypto Card series supreme rebate card, users hold HW5 tokens to lock their positions, and can get up to 10 times the consumption rebate.

Using the HyperCard supreme rebate card, the user locks HW5, and on the basis of the basic consumption rebate of 4%-12%, the rebate is expanded by 10 times, that is, the maximum rebate reaches 120%. HW5 has created an innovative mode of credit card consumption PoP (Proof of Participation) mining. After the user locks HW5, there will be the following incentives:

1. HyperPay platform stablecoin income dividend;

2. HW5 rewards;

3. MultiplierPoints (MultiplierPoints): Users can pledge their multiplier points to get locked MultiplierPoints.


Token distribution


Fundraising Details

Sale time: November 28th – December 5th

Selling price: 1 HW5 = 1 USDT

Public offering hard cap: 5 million USDT (sold in batches)

Personal hard cap: 10,000 USDT

Participation qualifications: whitelist users

Time to market: February 2023


The industry will eventually usher in the next bull market, and users will always choose useful tools. HyperPay will implement security, protect user assets, solve the pain points of market asset security storage, keep up with market hotspots, and provide users with better and more comprehensive We are willing to share the dividends of growth with investors in the process of our own development, give time to the market, give trust to HyperPay, and go through the bull and bear, you and I go together.

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