DeFiance Capital completed the first close of a $100 million liquid token fund and will start investing this month

Odaily Planet Daily News Two people familiar with the matter revealed that the encryption investment fund DeFiance Capital has raised “eight-figure” funds, completed the first round of a new $100 million liquidity token fund, and will start investing this month. That could mean anywhere between $10 million and $99 million, though the initial funding was less than $50 million, one of the people said. It added that there is a “good mix of investors” backing the fund, including some existing investors in crypto FOFs, family offices and DeFiance. According to news in October 2022, four people familiar with the matter revealed that Arthur Cheong, the founder of DeFiance Capital, is raising funds for a new fund. A person familiar with the matter said that the new venture capital fund will still use the name of DeFiance, and will mainly focus on the investment of liquid encryption projects, with the goal of raising about 100 million US dollars. The person added that DeFiance is focusing its efforts on institutional investors, such as family offices. (The Block)

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