Currency God of War: Shocked after a short-term decline, but the trend has not changed;

Foreword: Investment is risky, and operations need to be cautious.

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This article was written: 16:06, May 26, Beijing time

market information

1. U.S. officials: Biden and McCarthy are about to reach an agreement that will raise the debt ceiling for two years;

2. White House Press Secretary: Debt Ceiling Negotiations Are Effective, But There Are Still Differences Between the Two Parties;

3. The European Systemic Risk Committee issued a warning on cryptocurrencies and DeFi;

4. Norges Bank: Norway should consider developing a national cryptocurrency regulatory strategy;

5. U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary Adeyemo: Debt ceiling negotiations have made progress;

Market review

Yesterday we said that the market fell below the low point, and the market outlook will form a new round of decline after falling below the low point. However, the market did not exert force yesterday and fluctuated at the bottom. The high point of the rebound last night was at 26644, which just reached our empty order Near the layout point, the support became pressure. The market did not continue to rise after reaching the market. At present, there is still a certain profit. The ether reached the highest position of 1819. Although the rebound of ether was stronger, it did not sweep out the empty orders yesterday. Loss, after the market falls below the support, there is still a great chance that the market outlook will continue to fall. Even if there is a rebound in this wave, the market outlook will set a new low. The recent market has been relatively slow, everyone enters the market Then you can let the market fly for a while;

Market analysis


Looking at the 4-hour line, after rebounding to the vicinity of the previous support, the pancake did not continue to rebound, and the support became pressure, that is, near the entry point of yesterday’s empty order, and it has been oscillating below the pressure during the day. From the K-line shape, This wave belongs to the effective pressure. The empty orders laid out yesterday can still be held. It’s just that the market has not yet exerted its strength. As long as it starts to exert strength, the previous low of 25751 will not constitute much support. If it falls below, it will tell us The target range is 23950-22000 to rely on, the trend has not changed, and now it is just waiting for the market to exert strength. In short-term trading, the short-term trading near 26650 yesterday, strictly take the stop loss and wait for the decline to come out; short-term trading, control risks, and take care of your own profits and losses ;


Looking at the 4-hour line, although ether has rebounded a little bit more, breaking the pressure, this wave of shorts has really broken through this support and reached the short-term low position, and the trend of shorts is still stronger. In the day, ether There is a possibility of continuing to pull up a little bit, but if it continues to rise, it will go back again. The highest pull-up point in the day is around 1845. If the short order last night is stopped, then wait until near 1845 before entering, or not only It is also possible to cover the loss and cover the position. The trading idea of ​​​​Ether is also to go high, and continue to hold the empty order yesterday. If the stop loss is reached, then enter around 1845, and the loss is 1875. The target is to break through the low point of 1738, and the break is around 1665; Short-term trading, control risks, take care of profits and losses;

In summary:

The short-term decline fell below the support, although the decline did not continue, but the bearish trend is a foregone conclusion;

The article is time-sensitive, pay attention to risks, the above are only personal suggestions, for reference only!

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The desire is there, the crowd is still there, it’s just that the channel has been changed. In the past, market “speculators” were everywhere, because this is the place closest to money and the market with the shortest straight line between two points. People will instinctively choose to watch There are countless people who want to change, but there are very few people who are willing to pay more than anyone else for the change.

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