Crypto news shows market stalling, but investors are still turning to Metacade in large numbers

In early 2023, we see more positive signs of improvement in the cryptocurrency market, which has experienced a long bearish period in 2022. The presence of some bullish indicators has generated positive sentiment across the industry, although from certain price action and cryptocurrency news over the past few weeks, the market appears to be on a plateau.

While the market is moving faster than the news, cryptocurrency news sites agree that there has been huge interest, with a strong focus on the pre-sale of a new “disruptive” project called Metacade.

The project has captured the attention of the entire cryptocurrency space, thanks in large part to the revolutionary plans laid out in its recently released white paper. Metacade’s brilliant strategy could see it play a leading role in the expected GameFi explosion over the next few years, delivering huge returns to holders of the MCADE utility token.

Metacade: Probably one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in right now

Savvy investors understand that the best time to get into a project and generate big returns is in the early stages of pre-sales. By acquiring tokens early, investors can take advantage of significant growth, and these opportunities have been known to translate into incredible profits.

It’s very rare to be able to make an early investment in a project with such huge potential, but Metacade is clearly one project in that category. This certainly explains why the project has had such strong presale activity, raising an unprecedented $10.2 million in just 16 weeks, with the presale now in its 6th phase.

As GameFi brings the full benefits of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to the $200B gaming market, Metacade has a potential Total Addressable Market (TAM) of 3B players worldwide – a target consumer most projects can only dream of quantity.

Can MCADE hit $5 by 2025?

Now that the project’s enormous potential has been established, many are now considering how high MCADE can go. Since many projects in the GameFi space are already showing strong performance, they can serve as a guide for future MCADE pricing.

Looking back at cryptocurrency prices at the peak of the bull market in 2021, GameFi project Axie Infinity has a market value of $10 billion. Metacade looks set to easily overtake the Axie Infinity ecosystem, and since the MCADE token benefits from a supply of just 2 billion tokens, Metacade could be priced closer to $5.

Of course, MCADE could be higher, but since $5 in MCADE represents a 250x increase after the pre-sale ends, this already means staggering profits for savvy investors who can participate early.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is an amazing new project that places itself at the heart of the GameFi revolution. The Metacade team has been outlining its plans to build the biggest gaming money-making arcade of its kind, which could have a huge impact on how people play.

The project has a robust reward system that rewards players for enjoying various types of games, whether they prefer a more casual or a more competitive style. The platform also benefits from several smart design choices, such as extending rewards beyond games that benefit the ecosystem. Through the creation of these systems, many believe that Metacade’s user base will grow steadily and strongly.

The project powers its ecosystem with a token called MCADE, which acts as a currency for all value exchanges on the platform and has numerous real-world use cases.

Metacade could be an excellent investment option

The next few years should represent a long period of time when Metacade begins to lead the cryptocurrency market and dominate news in the region. Its projected user base should be huge, and once the platform launches later this year, there will be a lot of demand driving up the price of the token. This, along with investor-friendly token economics and staking investment options, means Metacade is extremely well-positioned to capitalize on its vision.

Users who managed to get their hands on MCADE during the frenetic pre-sale (which is in its final stages) should be in for an exciting year in the world of cryptocurrency prices. The pre-sale is sure to sell out quickly as more and more investors realize the huge potential of the platform.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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