Crypto is ‘inevitable’, two hacks, OKCoin suspends USD deposits, Beatport and Polkadot’s music platforms, Alchemy Notify’s custom webhooks

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payment news

  • A survey by global payments network Mercuryo found that 40% of consumers in the UK and US own cryptocurrencies; 65% are men, 35% are women; 68% want to be able to use crypto like other currencies in their daily lives Currency; 55% of businesses believe that cryptocurrency payments can significantly improve the payment experience and reduce costs. “Despite a loss of trust in the industry due to last year’s unforeseen events, the adoption of cryptocurrency payments will continue to increase in the coming years. A majority see cryptocurrencies as inevitable. 40% of millennials and 65% of People over the age of 65 say this, and we can already see that crypto is expanding its audience as it becomes more attractive to older generations. Women also make up 35% of crypto holders, This is a significant increase from 22% in 2019,” said Petr Kozyakov, co-founder and CEO of Mercury.
  • The Payments Association, the community for all payments companies, has laid out seven clear conclusions in a new report to help guide the debate on the future of cryptocurrencies in the UK. According to an announcement, the association reports on “increasing regulatory measures, a surge in commercial use cases, a narrowing gap between traditional and new payment systems, and how payments are at the heart of this new paradigm shift in the UK.”

security news

  • PeopleDAO, an organization formed to purchase copies of the U.S. Constitution, lost 76.5 ETH to a social engineering hack on March 6. According to the team, “PeopleDAO collects monthly contributor reward information via a Google Form. The head of accounting mistakenly shared a link with edit permissions in a public channel on Discord. The hacker gained edit permissions through the link.” They added Said the exploited funds were deposited into HitBTC and Binance.
  • Lending protocol Euler Finance suffered a flash loan attack that caused $197 million in losses, according to security firms BlockSec and PeckShield. Attackers drained $136 million in staked ether (stETH), $34 million in USDC, $19 million in wrapped bitcoin (WBTC), and $8.7 million in DAI, BlockSec said. “The hack was made possible due to the flawed logic of donations and liquidations. Specifically, donateToReserves needs to ensure that donors still have overcollateralization. Liquidations need to ensure the *correct* conversion rate from borrowed to staked assets,” PeckShield wrote.

Exchange dynamics

  • OKCoin temporarily halted USD deposits after Signature Bank collapsed. “USD deposits via wire transfers and ACH are suspended immediately. We don’t want your deposits to get stuck. OTC trading services will also be temporarily suspended (aka Quick Buy & Regular Buy),” tweeted Hong Fang, CEO of OKCoin and President of OKX explain.

Web3 news

  • Beatport is partnering with Polkadot to launch, a Crypto collectible marketplace that “brings electronic music culture to the Web3,” according to a press release. Developed and designed in partnership with Define Creative, will launch on Aventus, a Web3 solution provider for enterprises and parachains in the Polkadot ecosystem. The platform will enable labels and artists to create and sell unique Crypto assets. It added that Beatport and Polkadot will also collaborate on 10 major music and Web3 events over the next 18 months, celebrating the launch of a new collection of NFTs accessible through the Polkadot integrated wallet.
  • Alchemy, a Web3 development platform, announced the launch of Alchemy Notify’s Custom Webhooks, allowing users to access real-time notifications of any on-chain event. The “unlimited data” shortlist that users can update immediately includes Uniswap token pair deployments, OpenSea NFT swap completions, high gas fees detected on Ethereum, Aave token staking, CryptoPunk approved transfers, and more.

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