Crypto Hub Agency Creates and Distributes Launch Platform Ownership Among Web3 Investors

Lisbon/Portugal – In the dynamic world of crypto, launching a new token or project can face many challenges, not least when it comes to accessing traditional funding options. However, a groundbreaking solution has emerged in the form of cryptocurrency startup platforms, offering streamlined processes that allow projects to gain exposure, funding and liquidity.

Introducing the CryptoHub startup platform, a groundbreaking platform that empowers cryptocurrency projects of all sizes by providing advanced tools and services. CryptoHub is dedicated to driving innovation and aims to be the premier launch platform in the industry, incorporating revolutionary features on several well-known blockchain networks, including the highly anticipated PulseChain network.

Recognizing the importance of collaboration and shared ownership, CryptoHub has made the strategic decision to distribute ownership and participation of the launch platform among key players and well-respected cryptocurrency investors. This move will create a larger team and enhance the decentralization of the startup platform, ensuring a more diverse and inclusive ecosystem.

Competitors and revenue forecast for the startup platform

One of the most important startup platforms in the Web3 space is PinkSale, which offers three key features:

  • create token
  • pre-sale
  • token lock

From the perspective of the profit potential of the pre-sale function alone, PinkSale’s contract address on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network has generated more than 1,400 BNB (equivalent to $400,000) in revenue in just 100 days. Extrapolated, their annual revenue is estimated to be over $1.3 million from the BSC pre-sale alone, for a total feature revenue of $7 million (excluding the 5% flat commission earned on funds received from key investors through the pre-sale) .

Based on a comprehensive analysis, it is clear that PinkSale is not an isolated case, as competitors in the startup platform market also show strong financial performance.


Most startups boast an average of five features and generate over $1 million in revenue. Given the ambitious plans of the CryptoHub startup platform, which will offer ten features, hire a team of fifteen members, automatically pay salaries from profits, and form partnerships with major Web3 companies, its revenue is expected to be very considerable.


CryptoHub launches platform ownership explained

The CryptoHub startup platform offers its owners unprecedented opportunities not only to gain a source of income, but also to participate in the decision-making process that will shape the future of the platform.

The CryptoHub startup platform has four types of shareholders:

  1. Core founders (with 20% ownership)
  2. Team member (with 15% ownership)
  3. Significant investor (with 20% ownership)
  4. Investors (with 45% ownership)

To facilitate decentralization, CryptoHub has created a series of unique NFTs that represent shares of ownership. These NFTs can be found on OpenSea and serve as a means for wallet owners to claim their profits on the Crypto Hub Foundation website.

become a shareholder

For retail investors aspiring to become shareholders of the CryptoHub startup platform, the process is simple. Via Crypto Hubmint websiteOn minting ownership shares, individuals can secure their own ownership positions.

Each NFT represents 0.25% ownership, with a public sale price of 0.4 ETH, and the sale began on May 20. Notably, each NFT has the potential to generate over $1,000 in passive income per month, making it a lucrative investment that pays off within the first month of launching platform activity.


NFT sales are divided into two stages: public sales and whitelist sales.

The whitelist sale is a special opportunity reserved for the winners of an upcoming contest on Twitter, to be announced on May 30th. Participants who are selected into the whitelist will enjoy a discounted price of 0.2 ETH per NFT, which is equivalent to a 50% price reduction.

The team behind the CryptoHub launch platform believes this is just the beginning of an exciting journey. Their vision goes far beyond the launch platform itself as they work to shape the future of decentralized finance and empower crypto entrepreneurs around the world.

To learn more about the CryptoHub launch platform and to be a part of this pioneering venture, visit their website and secure your share of ownership in the future of decentralized finance.

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