is now an Associate Program Member of Visa in Singapore announced today that it has joined Visa’s Associate Membership Program in Singapore. The establishment of this key alliance will pave the way for companies to begin self-issuing the Visa card in the marketplace. Customers can use the card to make regular purchases and receive a range of perks and CRO rewards based on their card tier.

With’s self-issued card, Singapore customers of the Visa Card may look forward to new innovative payment features and Crypto services in the future. Over 80 million retailers worldwide accept Visa, making the Visa Card one of the most widely used cryptocurrency debit cards in the world. By issuing their own cards, the exchange’s customers will have more options for using cryptocurrencies as a payment method. has been working with Visa for a long time and is now able to offer its customers several different cryptocurrency cards. The company has 70 million users, and offering them multiple payment options is critical. As of this writing, Visa is accepted by more than 80 million businesses worldwide. Therefore, debit cards that can be loaded with encryption are a valuable tool as they facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies in the traditional financial system.

Meanwhile,’s partnership with Visa has reached new heights. The latest phase is a collaboration between exchanges and payment processors to offer NFT rewards related to the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Under the terms of the partnership, will be the only place where fans can win Visa-sponsored NFTs. The FIFA World Cup kicks off on November 20, 2022, and hundreds of millions of football fans will be eagerly watching what is arguably the biggest sporting event in the world. You can read more about the partnership here.

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