Consensus Lab Statement on Troy


On May 26, due to the poor communication channel between the Troy project and our company, the consensus laboratory could not keep abreast of the progress of the project. Based on the concept of being responsible to investors, Wang Feng, the founder of the consensus laboratory, openly questioned Troy and BlockVC People watching.

Starting July 31, 2019, Troy announced that it has received millions of dollars in investments from BlockVC, NGC Ventures and Consensus Labs. Consensus Labs, as Troy’s early major investment institution, is optimistic about Troy’s vision of creating brokerage services for the industry, and trusts the cooperation provided by BlockVC, which has provided $ 1 million in investment funds.

However, for a long period of time after the establishment of Troy, Consensus Lab did not find that Troy had made substantial business progress in positioning its main broker. In addition, on April 7, 2020, Troy officially announced the dissolution of the Chinese community where most investors are concentrated, in the name of facilitating community management.

After raising doubts, on May 27, the Troy and BlockVC teams actively communicated with Consensus Laboratories, and updated Troy ’s latest R & D and operation progress roadshow to explain the situation and obtain Wang Feng ’s understanding.

In response to numerous rumors from the outside world, I hereby declare that the consensus laboratory investment Troy funds have not and will not be refunded in any way.

Investors’ doubts about the project are not the ultimate goal of terminating the project or affecting the sustainable development of the project, because this will not only cause huge losses to the consensus laboratory but also to all other investors. However, as an early investment institution, Consensus Lab will urge the Troy team to continue to maintain an open and transparent attitude and promptly disclose the progress of the project.

Consensus Lab also hopes to work with industry friends to develop and standardize the industry.

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