Comparison of global contract trading platforms, the advantages of CoinEx contracts from 5 aspects

At present, there are many trading platforms that support perpetual contracts in the market, such as Binance, Huobi, Bybit and KuCoin are all common mainstream trading platforms. Huobi has been on contract products for a long time, supporting a relatively rich forward contract and reverse contract market, but the market share dropped sharply in the later period, and the platform traffic went from bad to worse. Both Bybit and Binance are relatively professional contract trading platforms with high thresholds. However, Bybit has been delisted by FCA, and Binance has also suffered several security attacks.

For contract beginners, it is not recommended to use a professional contract trading platform with a high threshold when starting to invest in contract products, but should choose a trading platform with a low threshold and simple operation, such as CoinEx. Next, this article will interpret the advantages of CoinEx contracts from five aspects.


CoinEx contract is easy to use and easy to operate

First of all, compared with such high-threshold contract trading platforms as Binance and Bybit, CoinEx has made contract product settings simple and easy to use, allowing all cryptocurrency investors to easily play contracts, making contract trading no longer a professional transaction. rights owned by members.

CoinEx contract is easy to operate, convenient to place orders, clear and clear position information, and after a set of operations such as opening and closing positions, users will find that the process of contract trading on CoinEx is very smooth and silky; secondly, before starting CoinEx contract trading, users can Quickly master key knowledge points through the simulated operation tutorial provided by the platform, which helps to better avoid the minefields that contract transactions are easy to step on.

In terms of contract functions, CoinEx Futures supports comprehensive and easy-to-use large and small functions such as stop-profit and stop-loss, one-click liquidation, and contract calculator. Through these functions, users can also manage their positions more easily.

CoinEx achieves 0 security incidents at the moment of thunderstorms on major platforms

In 2020, KuCoin suffered a serious hacking incident and lost about $275 million in funds. Not only KuCoin, but Binance, a first-tier trading platform, has also suffered several security attacks by hackers. In 2019, more than 7,000 BTCs were stolen from Binance. There has been an endless stream of negative security news on Binance. Much confidence.

In contrast, CoinEx has not had a single security incident since its establishment five years ago, and the system security is very solid. CoinEx promises and implements 100% reserve funds, and does not use users’ assets for other purposes for any reason. When users need to withdraw assets, they can pay 100%. In addition, CoinEx has also set up multiple system security policies and established a comprehensive user asset security system to protect the system and user asset security in an all-round way. Monitor abnormal changes in the system, etc.

CoinEx product system is comprehensively improved, focusing on the entire ecology of the industry

In addition to contracts, CoinEx products and services include leveraged trading, AMM, mining, wealth management products, and CoinEx Dock; the platform supports BTC, BCH, ETH and stablecoin trading areas, and supports nearly 1,000 trading markets and 500+ high-quality innovative transactions currency. In addition, as an exchange under the ViaBTC Group, CoinEx integrates the full ecological resources of mining pools, exchanges, wallets, public chains and capital, and focuses on the industry together. Today, CoinEx is also loved by global users for its high-speed and stable performance and smooth deposit and withdrawal experience, and continues to make efforts to build a comprehensive and stable service ecosystem.

Technical team background, many years of industry precipitation

According to the official introduction, the founding team is a technical professional and has experience in system security, operation and maintenance security and wallet security. In the early days, CoinEx founder Yang Haipo wrote all the code of the ViaBTC mining pool and launched it by himself. It can be said that he has the top technical strength in the industry. In addition, the core team of CoinEx comes from world-renowned Internet and financial companies, including many early practitioners and investors in the Crypto currency industry, and has rich experience in technology research and development and global operations in the field of Crypto currency.

Technically, CoinEx has successfully developed the world’s first 10,000 TPS matching engine. The platform can carry up to 10,000 transactions per second, and CoinEx can still run stably under massive concurrent transactions. In addition, recharge on CoinEx can be credited to your account in as little as 5 minutes. The small amount of Crypto currency withdrawals can be withdrawn immediately. Even in the bull market with soaring trading volume, the CoinEx system is still very stable and solid.

Based on user experience, continue to promote the process of globalization

In the process of continuous promotion of globalization, CoinEx has always put products, services and user experience first. While expanding the international market, it still insists on cultivating products and users first. At present, CoinEx is oriented to the global market, operates 24/7, supports 16 languages ​​around the world, and continues to develop new language markets.

It is worth mentioning that, in the design of the entire CoinEx product interaction experience, elements such as aesthetics, simplicity, smoothness, and practicality are integrated, and it also provides users with a simple and minimal operating experience. It can also be seen that the CoinEx team has been committed to continuously improving the product system and providing users with a better and more detailed one-stop cryptocurrency trading service experience.

In general, when users choose a suitable contract trading platform, they should not only consider the security of the platform, but also consider the simplicity of its product settings and the convenience of operation, and also consider the platform’s products and services. Improve your efficiency and experience in cryptocurrency trading.

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