Cold Wind Said Currency: The interest rate decision is coming, can it continue the rally? 2022.11.02

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From November 1st to 2nd, Eastern Time, the Federal Reserve’s November interest rate meeting will be held, and the latest interest rate decision will be released on November 2 (the early morning of November 3, Beijing time).The market expects that the Fed will announce the fourth consecutive rate hike of 75 basis points at this meeting and gradually ease its aggressive tightening monetary policy

The Federal Reserve, which has been silent for a month, will hold a two-day monetary policy meeting starting today. The result of the interest rate hike you want to know will be seen as soon as you stay up late!

The 75 basis points of interest rate hike this time has become a market consensus and has been digested by the market. What the market is most concerned about is whether the Fed will slow down the pace of tightening monetary policy in the next few months.

Therefore, the Fed’s monetary policy statement and Fed Chairman Powell’s speech at the press conference will be the focus.

The three major U.S. stock indexes all closed with a slight decline in the morning, seeming to be waiting for more precise monetary policy signals. Affected by this news, the crypto market has also entered a slightly volatile consolidation market in the past two days.

Make a bold prediction:

1. If Powell makes any remarks that reinforce expectations for a 50 basis point rate hike in December, that could push the prices of riskier assets such as stocks higher.

2. If Powell speaks between the lines and there is still the possibility of another aggressive rate hike in December, the US stock market may continue to fall.

3. If Powell remains relatively conservative and doesn’t talk about his thinking, that could signal a tightening bias.

The last thing to say is that the market likes certainty and does not like to wait and see. Fortunately, everything will be revealed tonight!

Market analysis

The short-term support of BTC is 19800-20300 US dollars, and the short-term pressure is 20800-21000 US dollars. The three major U.S. stock indexes continued to fall slightly last night. It is observed that the Nasdaq has the smallest rebound in this wave. Therefore, it is normal for the pie to rebound not much, because they are all technological attributes. The Fed will announce a rate hike at 2:00 a.m. tomorrow. This may become the moment when the pie determines the direction. It will be clear whether it will rise or fall. According to the usual practice, the flat cake is not stable enough before the announcement of the interest rate hike, and the pin-in-the-door may appear. Another sensitive time is 9.30 pm. Lengfeng believes that the probability of a rebound in November is too high, so it is recommended to buy pin-pins firmly. many. Of course, if it falls below the support area of ​​19,500-19,800 US dollars, everyone should not die long.

ETH short-term support is $1550-1470, and short-term pressure is $1600-1650. At present, it remains in the range of 1550-1650 and operates according to the rhythm of the big cake. As a reminder, the desire for ether to rise is stronger. If there is a short order, it will take a profit and break through $1,650. My point of view is that 1420-1450 of the auntie is a position that many parties are defending, and it must not be broken. If this wave of rebound is broken, it will be over. Upward 1600-1650 US dollars is the suppression zone. If it is not broken, it will fluctuate in the range of 1550-1650 US dollars. If it is broken, it will attack 1750-2000 US dollars.

There are three principles for altcoins: the pie is stable, the sector is hot, and the leader is strong. Lengfeng believes that there are two points in the hype of altcoins. First, the pie must be stable. The second is to grasp the main line. The dog’s trend is similar to yesterday’s. It builds a bottom and waits for a breakthrough, but it will be dangerous if it does not reach a new high. And bnb also rose because of its shareholding in Twitter. The key is to look at Ma Wangye’s wink. The point is whether everyone knows that Ma Wangye has three eyes. Everyone keeps up with the direction of capital, fast in and fast out to make quick money.

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