CoinEx Sponsors Bitcoin 2023 Conference to Explore the Future of Cryptocurrencies

On May 21, the world’s largest annual Bitcoin event, the Bitcoin 2023 Conference, was successfully concluded in Miami, USA. The summit brought together more than 15,000 industry insiders, well-known entrepreneurs and industry leaders from around the world. The speakers at the Bitcoin 2023 conference specially invited the US presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. and the best-selling author Michael Lewis. Kennedy announced his support for Bitcoin in his speech at the conference and emphasized the importance of Bitcoin. There was a huge response in the market.

This Bitcoin 2023 conference has been supported and sponsored by many well-known companies around the world. As a world-renowned cryptocurrency trading platform, CoinEx is honored to sponsor and participate in this event. During the Bitcoin 2023 conference, CoinEx set up an LED display on the site. Through creative and fashionable expressions, it demonstrated the exchange’s brand culture, platform advantages, technical strength and easy-to-use products and services, attracting many guests. The attention of the participants has become a highlight of this summit.

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As one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency asset trading platforms, the CoinEx trading platform has always adhered to the concept of “making cryptocurrency asset transactions easier” in the development of the market, providing safe, easy-to-use and efficient cryptocurrency for global users Asset transaction services. Since its establishment in 2017, CoinEx has continuously optimized the products and services of cryptocurrency trading, and gradually created distinct platform advantages, including rich trading currencies, simple product design and transparent reserve certificates, etc., which has won the support and approval of users. trust.

CoinEx Exchange enables global users to easily enter the cryptocurrency world through the following products and services:

1. Rich types of cryptocurrencies

In order to meet the investment needs of users, CoinEx Exchange has provided more than 700 high-quality trading currencies, and regularly launched various innovative cryptocurrencies and updated currency market rankings to help users better understand the real-time cryptocurrency market. , which is a very convenient service for new cryptocurrency users.

2. Simple product design

As a guide for users to enter the cryptocurrency world, CoinEx upholds the concept of “making cryptocurrency asset transactions easier”, adopts a simple and intuitive interface in product design, and at the same time strengthens industry science popularization and online user services to lower the threshold for cryptocurrency transactions. Ensure a good user experience.

3. Safe financial guarantee

CoinEx adopts the “Merkel tree” to prove that the platform maintains a 100% reserve rate to ensure the safety of users’ funds and build a trading environment for users with safe funds. CoinEx promises to the outside world: Never use the user’s cryptocurrency assets for other purposes for any reason, and always protect the rights and interests of users and the security of assets. CoinEx also hopes that users will actively participate in the CoinEx community to jointly maintain the healthy, fair and orderly development of the cryptocurrency market.

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The successful holding of the Bitcoin 2023 Conference has provided an important impetus for the subsequent development of the cryptocurrency industry, and at the same time, CoinEx has gained more attention and recognition. As a pioneer in the era of cryptocurrency assets, CoinEx always grasps the current development opportunities, continuously strengthens technological innovation and product optimization, and helps the development of the cryptocurrency industry.

In the future, CoinEx will continue to focus on the innovation and development of the cryptocurrency field, provide users with better cryptocurrency asset trading products and trading experience, and start a new era of vigorous development of the cryptocurrency market.

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