CleanSpark leads the way in Bitcoin mining

Popular Bitcoin (BTC) mining company CleanSpark has purchased mining equipment for around $6 million.

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The cryptocurrency bear market has deeply affected the industry. Last year saw project bankruptcies and rising mining costs, while investors’ assets eroded. Rising energy costs caused by the global economy contrast sharply with falling earnings caused by a bear market. While many mining companies have decided to cease service, some of them continue to invest. One of them is CleanSpark, which has added 3,900 new mining rigs to its structure.

CleanSpark Continues Bitcoin Mining Investment

Bitcoin mining company CleanSpark leads the industry with its investments. The company increased its mining rigs to 26,500 units.

In a statement released by the company, the cryptocurrency continued to grow significantly despite the bear market. According to the company’s statement, 3,900 Bitmain Antminer S19j Pro miners were added to the stock. The company paid about $6 million for all of the equipment.

The mining company purchased the equipment for about $15.50 per terahash. The regular selling price for this efficiency device is $24.26 per terahash. The company’s acquisition is considered very profitable.

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