Chu Yuechen: 3.17 Bitcoin ETH market analysis and trading reference

In terms of news, the banking industry is generally under pressure after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. In addition, concerns about the future of Credit Suisse have clouded the economic and market prospects. Right now, Wall Street’s expectations of an economic recession are heating up.

Chu Yuechen: 3.17 Bitcoin ETH market analysis and trading reference

The short order made by Dabing at 24,500 yesterday, the market has risen this morning, the current price is around 25,800, and our empty order was also stopped at 25,300. When it’s time to stop the loss, stop the loss decisively and get out. No one can do the word accurately, and we don’t need to be upset. “It would be fine if you bought the price at that time.” “Will it still rise? Will it still fall” is meaningless. If you make a mistake, just admit your mistake and start the next order.

Judging from the performance of the past few days, the 24,000 line still has strong support. These days, the currency circle and risk assets, including precious metals, have risen in price, which is largely due to risk aversion (American banks and financial institutions have sold out one after another. problems), and Wall Street’s expectations of a recession have grown.

The rise on the daily line may still be relatively sufficient, and the risk aversion sentiment in the fundamentals has not subsided yet, so we have to observe where we can rush to. During the day, the big pie pays attention to the top-to-bottom conversion position of the 25200 line. This position is also a dense trading area, and the long-short game is more intense. If you call back near this position, you can participate in long orders. The points of ETH are relatively messy, and the performance in the past two days is not as strong as that of the pie. At the top, focus on the pressure of 1780-1800, and at the bottom, you can use 1600 as the stop loss position to place long orders.

In terms of operation, refer to long orders around 25200, with a target of 26200 and a stop loss of 24500. Long order near ETH1660, stop loss 1600, target 1780-1800

Specific operation suggestions (subject to the real position price list)

1. Buy orders around 25200, target 26200, stop loss 24500

2. Long order near ETH1660, target 1780-1800, stop loss 1600

Before the market comes out, any kind of analysis is correct, and there are correct reasons, but any order will not be absolutely accurate and has risks, so the prerequisite for making money must be to do a good job in risk control. The market changes in real time, and the strategic points are only for reference, not as a basis for entry, investment is risky, and you are responsible for your own profits and losses.

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Many individual investors are unable to enter the door of trading, and most of the time it is only because of the lack of a leader, and the problems you have been thinking about may be solved with a few pointers from experienced people.

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