Chen Bin Dian Jin: 3.14 BTC and ETH turned around and rose magnificently, and the CPI night stage is expected to continue strongly!

Chen Bin Dian Jin: 3.14 BTC and ETH turned around and rose magnificently, and the CPI night stage is expected to continue strongly!

A fox found a chicken coop, but was too fat to get through the fence. So I was hungry for three days and finally entered. But after a full meal, I couldn’t go out again, so I had to go hungry again for three days before going out. In the end, it lamented that apart from having a mouth addiction in the process, it was basically a waste of work. Yesterday, Bitcoin turned brilliantly, and many people worked for nothing all day, and fought back in a desperate fight after being lured into empty positions.

With the global economic downturn and the risk of the bankruptcy of a Silicon Valley bank a few days ago, the market is full of risk aversion. In addition, after this incident, the Fed may make changes to the prospect of raising interest rates, which is also unpredictable. In this scenario, the market is tense and focused on the only clearer market clue, the US dollar index. And since I have always said that the U.S. dollar index is in the 105.6-105.8 area, here is a strong pressure zone. Bank events and a series of data and market dynamics are likely to force the Fed to show signs of slowing down interest rate hikes. Last Saturday, I I also wrote an article that mentioned it, and then informed everyone that below 20,000, I resolutely bought Bitcoin! Some of the above data have constituted negative support for the dollar. A lot of bullish data has been released one after another, and Bitcoin and Ethereum have risen like chicken blood. This rise is obviously not groundless. After some news was announced, the US dollar index tended to go down, and the daily line fell continuously. Non-US currency bulls once again ushered in the dawn.

Since last Friday it fell to the low point before 19,500, followed by a series of data and news events, investors began to pay attention to the bulls collectively. Although no one was ringing the bell at the bottom, a large number of buying intervened, and Bitcoin Rising like crazy, Bitcoin hit a high of 24,500 last night, which is also the fastest and most powerful rise in recent times, not one of them, even if the market is generally bullish from January to February, there is no such thing as this time The faster the rise, the greater the increase in a single day. Faced with such a rise, it is like the sand in your hand. If you can’t hold it, then you will force it up, and the market will let those who don’t set a stop loss, maybe leave this market forever from last night! Maybe, no People know they’ve been here!

Looking at the market is not pleasing to the eye, because one’s self-cultivation is not enough. At the moment when people are angry, the IQ is zero. The key to facing the ups and downs of the market is to control one’s emotions. A person with different levels of exercise can benefit from different levels of self-cultivation The strong rise did not surprise me at all. The lowest point of 19550 was to go long. After breaking through and standing at 20300, it was called adding more positions. After touching 22600 yesterday morning, there was a wave of falling back and emptying. How many people last night Relying on 22500-22600 to short the moment it was buried? It broke the trend line positions of 22600 and 23100, and the continuation space quickly reached 24500. The rebound of the US market continued to accelerate, but many people did not realize that the short position had already been taken by the bulls, and they were still thinking about ambushing the bulls, but they were ambushed by the bulls It’s a painful experience, it’s not that the market has played with you, but the absolute advantage of the news side makes the technical side an object of leverage!

The wolf is coming, and this time it really is coming. This is what the entire market was most looking forward to and worried about some time ago. Calling “Wolf is coming” when you don’t see a wolf is self-disturbing; seeing a wolf and not calling “Wolf is coming” is cowardice . The freedom of the wind, the warmth of the clouds, everyone has their own judgments and ideas, everyone makes mistakes, but only those who know how to give up when they make mistakes, and those who are not blindly persistent , but those who go are those extremes who do not hit the south wall and do not look back! This time, the finishing after the strong pull-up means that the bulls have the upper hand, and the pullback is just for teasing. The real protagonist is the bulls! When the market comes, ” “Wild boar” can also fly into the sky, but the key point is not this, but whether it can land safely after the wind blows away? Yesterday, there must be a market that can make “wild boar” fly into the sky, but whoever lands safely depends on hard work up!

Bitcoin analysis:

The weekly line has been negative for three consecutive times since 25300, but after bottoming out at 19500 last week, it rebounded strongly on Monday morning and closed a small Yin K line with a long lower shadow line near 22000, and it retreated slightly yesterday afternoon on Monday afternoon after. The Yangda K-line directly penetrated the pressure of the 5-day and 10-day moving averages. In the evening, it retreated to counterattack at the 5-day moving average at 22,000. The rebound with relatively strong continuity and persistence is expected to be postponed. The retracement of breaking through 20,000 is just a power accumulation before the rise. This time, 25,000 must break through and stand. I will wait for you at 26,000-27,000.

Daily line: Lianyang at the bottom rose strongly. In the evening, due to the stimulation of many news, Bitcoin rose from 22,000 to 24,500. The 24-hour increase in a single day reached an astonishing 20%, which was the shortest rising time in the past half a year. The fastest rise is currently under pressure at the previous high point of 24500, and the lower support point is at the previous high point of 23800-23460. This position is also the support area confirmed by the last round of rising back last night, and 23100 It is advisable to enter the market close to these two positions within the day, and do not chase orders at high positions!

4 hours: In the early trading, it retreated to the support of the upper track position of BOLL, and continued to rise slowly upwards. It is expected to challenge the 25,000 high point line again. The attached indicator MACD synchronized with the golden cross upward. As long as the retracement does not break the 23,600 position today, then this will continue. Rising, the probability of continuing the market of the previous trading day in early trading is relatively high, so I continued to rush to 24,500 just now. The real decision is in the European and American markets. In the morning, we must first focus on the 23,600 line support, and the pressure on the 24,850 line.

In short: 23600 is used as the demarcation point within the day, and the retracement is confirmed before intervening. Generally, the probability of this kind of market rising directly and sharply again the next day is not high. It is more likely to repair the trend with a slow rise or a delayed shock sideways, so don’t do it during the day If you are in a hurry to chase the order, it is ideal to retrace to the price and then operate. In the Asian-European market, time is used to exchange space, and only after stepping back and confirming can we make an upward move. Now long positions can be used to reduce positions, especially last night, I let the short-term long orders that continued to chase directly at 24000-23800 also successfully scored about 500 points.

Ethereum analysis:

The recent rise of Ethereum has always been unable to keep up with Bitcoin. It reached the position of 1700 yesterday, but this position has been stuck for more than two months. However, Ethereum also went from the lowest point of 1376-1370 a few days ago. Come up, I haven’t placed an empty order on Ethereum in the middle of the past few days. Every time it falls back, I always go long. After a high of 1700, it fell back and closed below 1680 again. It continues to maintain a strong trend of consolidation. Ethereum is still in the region Sexual shocks are brewing new unilateralism, the daily line BOLL opens, and the range of fluctuations continues to expand!

4 hours: After a big yang engulfed all the previous declines, it returned to the upper track of BOLL and near MA5 to sort out, so I think it is a bit far-fetched to talk about one side of Ethereum today, and it is still dominated by shocks, just changing the space and changing From 2023 onwards, the dominant direction is still Bitcoin, and Bitcoin will lead this market direction!

However, yesterday’s sharp rise was the last rise, and the retracement support point is in the 1650-1640 area. Today, we will first pay attention to the gains and losses of this position. The top is still looking at 1740 and yesterday’s high point of 1700. But now the hourly chart has diverged and MACD has a dead fork, and it is expected that the Asian market will be slightly weaker

To sort it out, we mainly look at the support points in the 1645 and 1620 areas. Focus on CPI tonight

Operation plan for March 14:

1. Bitcoin currently has multiple positions and continues to hold them, especially after reducing positions below 20,000 and near 22,000 yesterday. The low point of 23750 is used as support and continues to be low, and it is tentatively scheduled to fall back to the 24000-23850 area to go long, stop loss at 23280, target 24800-25000 to reduce positions in place, break through and hold 25500-26000

2. The profits of long positions in Ethereum are closed first. Today, wait for the fall to go long in the 1660-1650 area, stop loss at 1612, target 1730-1750 to reduce positions in place, break through and hold 1782-1800

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