[Chang Zhongchan said]2.22 market analysis, the bulls were attacked at new highs, is it about to change the market?


Interpretation of cryptocurrency news

Kraken founder and CEO Jesse Powell tweeted: “Regulators ignored their warnings about scams and fraud, and willfully indulged bad actors until they were too big to destroy. Their plan is to: 1. Destroy capital/resources in the crypto ecosystem ;2. Let users become victims and prevent adoption: 3. Pretending to protect, but actually attacking good people. Angel investor Balaii Srinivasan commented on this: “The budget of the US SEC has been increasing, and in times of crisis, it uses more failures to obtain more Too much money, and the regulators are as corrupt as the military-industrial complex. The SEC craves financial crisis as much as Raytheon craves war. That’s their meal ticket, that’s when they make a career out of it. “If the SEC continues to provoke disputes and create a bad environment that is not conducive to the encryption market, it will definitely cause capital flight. At that time, the benefit will definitely be an open Hong Kong. In this way, the East may regain the right to speak in the encryption market , leading the next wave of bull market.

Cameron Winklevoss, co-founder of the Gemini encryption exchange, posted on social media that the next round of bull market will start from the East. Two choices, take it or be left behind. Any government that does not provide clear rules and good-faith guidance will be eliminated, or miss out on the greatest period of growth since the rise of the commercial internet, and the opportunity to shape and be a fundamental part of the future financial infrastructure of this world (and beyond) .


Cryptocurrency Trading Experience

mentality training

Why is it difficult to succeed in trading?

An ordinary person, from the moment he was born, his world is a world full of rules. In the trading world, no one restricts your behavior, no one sets a rule that you must trade at 10 o’clock in the morning, and no one requires you to sell at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. All your actions are fully autonomous. Here you don’t need to be bound by business rules, moral rules, or traffic rules…

So where is the difficulty?

The difficulty is that the trading behavior of traders is not restricted by anyone’s rules. Here, pay attention to distinguishing the rules of the exchange in a narrow sense, and don’t make a fuss. When behavior is not restricted, people lose the guiding role brought by rules.

The most difficult thing about trading is that there are no rules to limit your buying and selling behavior. It can be completely random and subjective. The standards and rules are all set by you. This will make many people who grew up with the rules feel at a loss because They are used to it step by step.

So to solve this difficulty, we must first understand not to be a blind follower of the rules, but to be a rule-maker.

In the trading world, you need to set your own rules, just like business rules and traffic rules. The purpose of setting rules is to avoid problems and make things develop in favor of one another.

You need to make your buying and selling no longer full of randomness, but according to the established reasonable rules, because the reason is simple, when power is unchecked, corruption will breed, and the breeding of corruption comes from human nature , and the composition of society is precisely through the establishment of rules to suppress human nature, such as the death penalty and other punishment methods only use rules to limit the evil in human nature. Therefore, in the trading world, behaviors without rules and restrictions will produce crimes, will produce randomness, and will produce squandering of the principal for no reason. This is the most difficult part.

It is also very simple to solve it, formulate rules, let yourself return to the same feeling as the environment you have been in since you were born, your behavior is restricted and restricted, and you act according to the rules and regulations.

If you are unwilling, then your transaction will always be in a situation where your rights are not supervised and restricted, your behavior will always be free and unrestricted, and this difficulty will always exist.


Cryptocurrency market analysis

The S&P 500 plummeted overnight, and the price remained above 3920, which is considered a normal adjustment. Otherwise, the rise ends.

In the 30-minute trend of the big pie, it is questioned whether the rise since 21345 is a divergence segment. Falling back to 23200 is considered to be a further expansion of the trend, and there is still room for improvement after adjustment, with a target of 29403.

A complete drop below 22300 indicates that the entire rise from 16222 to 25333 is over, and the retracement space may continue to expand. The target is the lowest 0.382 times (19822) of the divergence segment.

The breaking of 24280 indicates that the one-hour central upgrade is established, and in the short term, this line will be used as the only reference standard for the callback.

In terms of operation, the upper selling pressure is serious, but the rebound at 24600 continues to be considered weak, and it can be a short game.

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