Carrieverse (CVTX) Token Now Listed on Top Exchanges BitMart, MEXC Global

Carrieverse (CVTX), a multi-product cryptocurrency ecosystem focused on the Metaverse, GameFi, and wallet space, has shared details of its latest listing event. This is an important milestone in terms of CVTX accessibility and Cling toolkit capabilities.

Carrieverse’s CVTX token is now listed on BitMart and MEXC Global

According to the official statement shared by Carrieverse (CVTX), a new generation Metaverse platform with mini-games and cryptocurrency wallets, its core governance token, CVTX, will be available on two top CEXs at the same time.

CVTXImage via Carrieverse (CVTX)

That said, users of BitMart and MEXC Global can now add CVTX to their portfolios with just a few clicks. Both exchanges are ranked in the top 15 by leading independent tracker CoinGecko in terms of trading volume.

Excited to announce that the @CarrieVerse Kickstarter has ended and $CVTX will be listed on @MEXC_Global🔥

🔹Deposit: opened
🔹Innovation zone CVTX/USDT transaction: 08:00 Mar 13 (UTC)

Details: #CarrrieVerse #MEXC

– MEXC Global (@MEXC_Global) March 13, 2023

Launched in 2018, Seychelles-registered MEXC Global has seen a 24-hour trading volume of $2.2 billion, while BitMart processes $1.7 billion per day. Both exchanges support hundreds of trading pairs in the spot and derivatives space. BitMart and MEXC Global are particularly popular in the Americas, according to analyst estimates, so Carrieverse (CVTX) is bracing for a surge in traffic from the region.

Previously, CVTX was listed by, a Tier 1 exchange focused on cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Asia. That’s why the ongoing go-to-market campaign has turned Carrieverse (CVTX) into a global product.

Expand opportunities for players and traders

David Yoon, CEO of Carrieverse Co., Ltd, is excited about the significance of these two listings and is sure they will unlock new opportunities for GameFi enthusiasts and cryptocurrency traders:

CVTX is now tradable on three exchanges:, BitMart, and MEXC Global. With additional participation from global investors, including those in the North American ecosystem, we will focus company-wide capabilities to complete the Web3 metaverse that Carrieverse is pursuing.

The team looks forward to offering its tokens on other platforms. Starting March 13, it invites all users to participate in a celebratory airdrop. Exact details will be shared on the Carrieverse (CVTX) Discord and Twitter communities.

On both exchanges, CVTX will be listed paired with USD Tether (USDT), the largest stablecoin by market capitalization.

Next Generation Ecosystem with Metaverse, Blockchain and Wallets: What is Cling?

Carrieverse (CVTX) is part of a multifunctional Web3 ecosystem of various products. It is powered by Cling, a native blockchain platform. In addition to Carrieverse (CVTX), Cling also joins the crypto wallet and strategic MMORPG, SuperKola Tactics.

The team emphasized that CVTX is a key element in the interaction between various products in the ecosystem. Namely, it is the governance asset of Carrieverse and SuperKola Tactics, but it can also be seamlessly exchanged for in-app utility tokens for games.

Technically speaking, Carrieverse (CVTX) has a series of small games that can be played in the browser without installation. It highlights the inclusive and democratic mission of the ecosystem. To spread the word about Cling and its products, the team has struck a number of partnerships in Q1 2023. Contentos, Satoshi Club, and Galxe join Cling’s partner club.

The price of CVTX hit a local peak paired with the U.S. dollar Tether (USDT) stablecoin on after announcing a dual listing, airdrop, and new partnership. In early March 2023, it surged above $0.20.

0X simplified Chinese version:Carrieverse (CVTX) Token Now Listed on Top Exchanges BitMart, MEXC Global

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