Can IPFS&Filecoin support the future of WEB3.0?

Since its launch, CITEX Digital Exchange has been devoted to the development of mining ecology, continuously researching various high-quality and potential technical projects, and has created an integrated ecological service of mining, custody, trading, main node dividends, PoS Staking and other ecological services. Mining currency service platform. As a hot spot in the market in 2020, IPFS, as a comprehensive service mining currency exchange, has also been paying attention to the development progress of IPFS/filcoin and all dynamics related to the industry. Today I will talk to you about “IPFS&Filecoin can support the future of WEB3.0?”.

In October 2019, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China collectively learned the current status and trends of blockchain technology development. On April 20, 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission for the first time clarified the scope of new infrastructure, and new technology infrastructure based on blockchain is an important part of it. If we say that before 2020, Crypto transformation is a matter of speed and slowness, after 2020, Crypto transformation is a matter of life and death. As the cornerstone of the Crypto world, blockchain will enter the fast track of development .

What is Web 3.0?

In recent years, with the rise of blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies, Web 3.0 has also become a hot topic. Web 3.0 combined with various sophisticated technologies obviously has unlimited imagination, but what is it?

The last century 90’s, the Internet Web1.0 from the “Mail” and “static pages” function gradually entering the Web2.0 era now called. The basic network protocol of this period realized the interaction between the user and the network, and its functions showed “instant messaging” and “multiple interactions”.

In the more than ten years of booming development of Web2.0, human interconnection has achieved unprecedented development, but at the same time it has also created various centralized Internet giants. In this environment, user data has been abused and privacy has not been protected. Series of questions. This is also the reason for expecting Web3.0, providing a highly transparent and fair distributed network for human beings. Then the block link into the traditional Web2.0 becomes a good choice.

In recent years, with the popularity of blockchain, it can be seen that its development is becoming increasingly diversified. More and more blockchain projects with unique directions or use cases are being developed. But at present, the underlying protocol of the blockchain is generally criticized for its low efficiency, unstable throughput, and difficulty in effectively connecting and communicating between multiple chains.

Block chain in the Web3.0 era If you want to get with 2.0 as the high-speed development, we need to address the underlying distributed storage etc. problems. Any system needs storage, but the current blockchain data structure is difficult to store big data and can only be used as transaction storage. It must also develop sharding technology, and it is difficult to establish a file system, database system, and communication system on it .

Can IPFS&Filecoin support the future of WEB3.0?

Features of IPFS&Filecoin :

1. IPFS aims to replace Huobi Global Ecological TP, which is a protocol and network designed for peer-to-peer methods of sharing and storing media.

2. IPFS stores a large amount of data on different nodes, and it uses its incentive layer Filecoin to keep these nodes online, suitable for the storage of big data.

3.  In IPFS, data is permanently saved, and network data can only be deleted when the user chooses not to re-host.

4.  files are stored in IPFS objects, these objects can be stored up to 256kb of data, it can also link to other documents stored in IPFS IPFS target object to achieve a real sense of distributed storage .


Block chain to achieve large-scale application theoretically to store large amounts of data in each block, but the block capacity is very small, it can not be achieved at present large amounts of data storage. The IPFS can solve pain points block chain, the use of IPFS protocol, you can write IPFS link in the chain and the time stamp on the block can not be changed, so as to achieve the purpose of using the block chain safe storage of data. It can be said that the emergence of IPFS has solved one of the pain points of the blockchain landing, and the blockchain will soon enter the 3.0 application era.

Although IPFS is not a blockchain project, its incentive layer Filecoin is a veritable blockchain project. IPFS and Filecoin promote each other, grow together, and solve the problem of data storage on the Internet, especially for countless blockchain projects. IPFS and Filecoin will exist as an infrastructure, providing the underlying architecture for the implementation of blockchain projects Support .

According to the latest Juan online AMA active display, Filecoin main network will be 8 Yue Di on-line, on-line main network will better help IPFS block chain provides a cheaper, secure, fast of storage solutions ; Filecoin to The development and popularization of WEB3.0 has laid a good underlying foundation, and will inevitably shine in WEB3.0 .

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