BNB Chain and several blockchain security auditing companies launch security infrastructure project AvengerDAO

Chain catcher news, according to CoinDesk, BNB Chain has launched AvengerDAO, a security infrastructure project with several blockchain security audit firms, aimed at protecting users from scams and malicious activities. AvengerDAO will be run by the community with partners including security companies Certik, Go Plus, SlowMist, Zokyo, BlockSec, Hashdit, Verichains, and other crypto companies such as Pessimistic, CoinMarketCap, TrustWallet, PancakeSwap, BSCtrace (NodeReal), BSCscan, MathWallet, DappBay, Coin98 and Opera et al. It is reported that the system will provide multiple layers of security through the passive API system Meter, allowing applications to request security ratings and send back alerts to flag bad actors. Watch, a subscription-based alerting system, and Vault, a programmable money management system, will alert subscribers in real-time in the event of a security breach and assist in the safe movement of funds between parties, respectively, in accordance with the provider’s internal rules. (source link)

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