Blue Cursor Bear Sword: Companies that are brave enough to try metaverse marketing will have more first-mover advantages in brand operation in the future

Babbitt News, on November 2, the “Digital Collection + Virtual Human: New Metaverse Marketing Strategy” forum of Wenzhou Metaverse Month series of activities was held in Wenzhou. In the sharing of “Power Metaverse Marketing”, it is stated that in terms of content, traffic and interactivity, the Metaverse is the next generation of super media. Metaverse technology is already reshaping “content production presentation” and “user interaction logic”, but traffic operations still depend on existing portals. More and more brands are trying to include virtual people, virtual objects, and virtual scene marketing, and Blue Cursor has held thousands of seminars with brands. In his view, the Metaverse may take a few years to truly arrive, but a good marketing form, a way to rejuvenate the brand, and a way to better interact with users will definitely attract the attention of enterprises. And companies that dare to try today will bring more first-mover advantages to their future brand operations.
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