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Here’s How Much Smarter Wallets Can Make

Amid the Arbitrum (ARB) frenzy, retroactive cryptocurrency airdrops (“retrodrops”) are once again in the spotlight for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Aimed at introducing Web3 products to cryptocurrency users, such campaigns will reward “early bird” customers for their activity: trades, deposits, swaps, NFT claims, tokenized…
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Harvest Keeper allegedly stole $1 million in AI hype

Decentralized platform Harvest Keeper, which “uses AI to optimize transaction processes,” has been accused of stealing $1 million in user investments. #CertiKSkynetAlert 🚨 We can confirm that @Harvest_Keeper is a scam. At the time of writing, we can confirm that approximately $933,000…
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Cryptocurrency Listing and Delisting Announcements: Week 12

[{“url”:”https:\/\/\/news\/best-crypto-to-buy.htm”,”name”:”Best cryptocurrency to buy\/invest in”,”children”:[]}][{“url”:”https:\/\/\/news\/best-crypto-presales.htm”,”name”:”Best crypto presales to invest in”,”children”:[]}][{“url”:”https:\/\/\/news\/new-cryptocurrency.htm”,”name”:”New cryptocurrency”,”children”:[]}][{“url”:”https:\/\/\/news\/next-cryptocurrency-to-explode.htm”,”name”:”Next cryptocurrency to explode”,”children”:[]}][{“url”:”https:\/\/\/news\/best-crypto-icos.htm”,”name”:”Best crypto icos”,”children”:[]}][{“url”:”https:\/\/\/news\/crypto-launches.htm”,”name”:”加密货币launches”,”children”:[]}][{“url”:”https:\/\/\/news\/best-bitcoin-betting-sites.htm”,”name”:”加密货币betting”,”children”:[]}][{“url”:”https:\/\/\/news\/best-bitcoin-casinos.htm”,”name”:”Bitcoin casinos”,”children”:[]}][{“url”:”https:\/\/\/news\/best-bitcoin-gambling-sites.htm”,”name”:”Bitcoin gambling sites”,”children”:[]}] Source of information: Compiled from CRYPTONEWS by 0x Information.Copyright belongs to the author, without permission, may not be reproduced
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New app for cryptocurrency advertising in Belgium

Belgium is introducing new regulations for cryptocurrency advertising with its new decision. Get in touch with us to stay up to date on the latest developments. Twitter You can follow our Telegram channel. Belgium’s new decision requires notification to the country’s financial…
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Bancorp Acquires Signature Bank, But Drops Crypto Clients

The US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) announced on Sunday (19th) that Flagstar Bank, a subsidiary of Bancorp, has acquired Signature Bank. However, the new owners put $4 billion related to the cryptocurrency industry out of business. Last week, Reuters sources reported…
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