Blockchain technology company Tradestrike launches innovative cryptocurrency wallet

London, UK, October 11, 2022, Chainwire

  • Mobile wallets will enable millions of cryptocurrency investors around the world to manage their Crypto asset portfolios
  • The Crypto app comes with fiat entry and exit, an intuitive portfolio tracker and an industry-leading interface tailored to the needs of retail investors
  • The launch marks an important next step in TradeStrike’s ambitious roadmap

Blockchain technology company TradeStrike BVI has announced the launch of its new mobile cryptocurrency wallet, which will enable retail investors and their over 10,000 holders of the $STRX utility token to track the performance of their portfolios through a mobile application. The launch was accompanied by a number of large architectural projections across multiple London locations, including Harrods and The Shard, drawing attention to the wallet’s smooth functionality and market-leading capabilities.

Users of the StrikeX Wallet will be able to exchange, track and even buy cryptocurrencies directly with fiat currencies, enhancing those who wish to trade in various ecosystems including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BSC and the Solana blockchain. The wallet is designed for users around the world Offers the opportunity to buy with fiat and sell back fiat via Mastercard and Visa (depending on location).

The functionality and design of the wallet is tailored for retail investors, offering the greatest transparency and usability of any Crypto wallet on the market. The ability to exchange assets easily and smoothly opens up a variety of investment decisions for users, while portfolio and asset trackers allow investors to monitor their overall profit and loss over different time frames, an option not available in most wallets today. Combined, these features underscore TradeStrike’s commitment to empowering retail investors.

The development of the StrikeX wallet is the latest stage in the company’s real #ForThePeople transaction. Also launching in the fourth quarter of this year is TradeX, TradeStrike’s own DeFi exchange, the next logical step in expanding the company’s offerings.

TradeStrike’s decision to launch its own wallet is also a response to the growing base of holders of the $STRX native currency, making it easier for new investors to buy $STRX tokens while enabling over 10,000 current investors to easily track their holdings. As such, the launch of the StrikeX Wallet provides a platform to further expand the holder base through a unified application.

Other features of the wallet will include seamless integration with the TradeX DeFi exchange, eliminating the need for holders to use an external exchange. The wallet’s on/off feature integrates Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud Detection services to keep users safe.

The StrikeX wallet is available for download on the Google Play Store and is expected to be available on the Apple Appstore in the coming days.

Joe Jowett, Co-Founder and CEO of StrikeX, said: “We decided to develop a smart, functional and intuitive wallet that would make it as easy as possible for people to track their holdings, invest in assets across multiple chains, and buy $STRX Tokens. After months of tireless work on the UI, backend, and partners, we are proud of the first iteration of the StrikeX wallet, however, this is just the beginning. Launching our wallet is important for truly enabling on-chain investment One step #ForThePeople.”

About TradeStrike BVI

TradeStrike BVI is a British Virgin Islands-based blockchain technology company dedicated to providing flexible, innovative and user-friendly blockchain products to help ordinary retail investors succeed in Crypto markets.

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